October Yes Oh Yas!

. Continuing my subscription week with this month’s Yes Oh Yas! I got it last month and was actually impressed enough with it to decide to try it again this month.

This month’s theme was Resting Witch Face which I  really like for the month of Halloween. This one included 5 products were last month was only 4. I will be including the prices like I did with last months to see if the totals add up.

This is a Stiks from Stiks Cosmetiks. The product was actually announced as being in the bag earlier this month. Which I was excited about since it is a lipstick and a brand I had never heard of.  The card that came with it says that it’s a Lipstick but when you look on their website it says it can be applied to lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Honestly,  the shape of it was what peaked my interest. It looks like an old school lighter in a way. The actual rectangle tube is really lightweight since it’s made of hard plastic. Which makes it easy to stick in your pocket since it’s more compact. The lid is a clear triangle that you can flip open with 1 hand. You do have to open it completely or it makes it super awkward to apply.  Which the lipstick itself is the rectangle shape instead of the traditional rounded ones and it’s a 1st for me.  The color is Tangerine which is really more of a  pinkish orange, which it’s not a terrible color but it is a little too orange for me. The lipstick goes on super easy and the squared shape actually helps you outline a little better.  I dig the idea behind it even though I don’t really care for the color. I would buy another shade.

This one actually $18 and instead of the $20 that the card says. It also comes in  5  shades, the tangerine is currently not available.

Buy a Stiks from Stiks Cosmetiks.

This one is a Large Shadow brush from Skone Cosmetics. This one is a thicker than normal wooden brush with a soft bristle on a flat head. This one can be used to apply base eyeshadow,]concealer, or as a blending brush. Which I wouldn’t have even really thought of until I look up the product of their brand’s website. Since I have already used it for eyeshadow I didn’t use it as a concealer brush due to that. However, I think it would only be best to apply the product not blend it. This one will work perfectly to contour. I do like to use it for my eye makeup since it’s thick enough to hold product but the flat design of it lets you make creases and lines. I am a lot more pleased with this brush than the set from last month. I feel like I can never get too many eyeshadow brushes. I think it’s cause I use so many different shades I don’t want them to run together cause of using the same brush. I would definitely buy another brush from this brand since they are such a good quality.

The price listed is $20, whereas the brand site has it for $15 but they do list the retail price at $18. Either way, it’s still lower than the brand price.

Buy the Large Shadow Brush from Skone Cosmetics.

This one is another brand that I haven’t heard of, this is Mirabella’s Visionary Longwear Eyeshadow in Imagine.  The packaging is simple which I really like. This box plays this one up perfectly by saying that it’s the eyeshadow of your dreams being a long-lasting, no crease, and is texture transforming.

This one is in a  decent sized tub about the size of a Kennedy half-dollar. The writing on the lid reminds me of vintage makeup that used to feature the same font. It does have a little plastic topper under the lid that keeps it fresh so don’t toss it. Actually, I missed it when I 1st opened since it was stuck inside the lid so make sure you look for it.  The product is a fluffy cream that you don’t need a lot to get the full effect of. It goes on me as a light gold shimmer that’s packed with an insane amount of glitter. I  had to double check to make sure it wasn’t really a highlighter since that’s just how much shine it has.  It actually dries within a couple of minutes and does have a slight texture to it so that you can use as a based and build upon.  That quick dry also makes it last long to the point it can’t easily be wiped off. I really love this one and would buy it again.

The card says $30, but the brand site says its  $29. However, this one is on sale for $10 and comes in  3 shades including this one.

Buy Visionary Longwear Eyeshadow from Mirabella.

I don’t know why I bother saying I haven’t heard of this brand before since with these bags it’s never anything I’ve heard of. This is NCLA Beauty’s Nail Lacquer in color “I Been Drinkin'”. Which I don’t know if I got based on being in the South or at random.


This one is a neon pink which is actually pretty close to the same shade as the Stiks lipstick. So it’s quite possible they just paired the shade ups for the bags. I have put this on over a silver polish and by it’self. This one goes on heavy in 1 coat which is rare from some polishes. I put this one and after a few days, there was minimum chipping. Seriously like even right now like 5 days later it’s not terrible, just the tips have chipped. I’m quite pleased with this one. I love polish in general. This one is a pretty good quality and I would definitely by it again.

This one goes for $16 a pop even though the card says $18. It also comes in like a 100 colors so there is a lot to choose from.

Buy Luxury Nail Lacquer from NCLA.

I actually have heard of this one before.  This is IBY Beauty’s City Limits Palette which is inspired by music festivals. The package is simple but still gives me that concert feels with the metallic colors.  The back has the description on the palette and features the shades that are in it.


This same design carries over to the actual palette which I  always like.


The inside has a mirror which I’m always thankful for. I hate having to use a secondary mirror for a  palette. It also has the phrase “You are more than Beautiful” across the top. I love companies that promote a  positive message.


The palette features 16  shades that are mostly neutral with the rogue pops of color.  Plus I love that the made the impression in every shade. It really adds to the layout as a  whole. Honestly, I almost felt bad ruining it.

Now Let’s break down these shades. Remember these are compared on my pale skin.


Road Trip-   tan matte

Nightfall– beige shimmer

Headliner- brown shimmer

Dropbass– mauve shimmer with pink undertones

Glamping-  tan clay matte

Fire & Ice– reddish brown with a blue shimmer

Playlist- dust rose pink

VIP- deep red matte with hints of silver glitter.

Silent Disco- deep burgundy matte

Light Show– brownish purple shimmer with gold glitter.

Dance Party– forest green shimmer

Backstage- midnight blue matte

I actually really dig this palette. It has high pigments shades and that is just stunning on. They are super easy to use and work well with each other.  They are apparently infused with Rosehip Seed Oil that helps protect your skin, which really is just a plusI will totally be looking more into this brand.

The card says this palette is $28. The brand website says is $20 and doesn’t show it’s on sale or anything. However, for a palette that goes for under $30 to be this great, it’s definitely a huge plus.

Buy the City Limits Palette from IBY Beauty.

The Total of the bag is listed at $116. The total I got was $83, which is not counting the fact the Mirabella eyeshade is on sale for $10 and the brush is $3 cheaper. The actually total to purchase everything in this bag is actually $70 currently. It’s a pretty big difference. I don’t know if they got the products at full price and they changed before getting the bag or what happened.

I was able to  create a  couple looks with this bag

I used the Mirabella  Eyeshadow for the lids and the shadow is the IBY Beauty Palette.


I used the IBY Palette and the Stiks Lipstick for this one. Also the Shadow brush for the crease and my bottom lash line.


Remember how I told you the Lipstick and the Polish almost the same shade. Well here is your proof.

I am really pleased with this months bag. Honestly, I’m glad I decided to continue with it on to this month. The bag is $17.49 a month with shipping and a promo code.   You can use the code YAS10 for 10% off the bag, which honestly is like a dollar and some change. However, it has proved to be worth it to get full sized products especially palettes at that. I have included my reference code below if you are interested in subscribing. I apparently get a dollar for every sign-up so whatever.

Subscribe to Yes, Oh Yas!

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