October Play! by Sephora.

Finishing up this week with the Play Box, which I was afraid wouldn’t happen because it only arrived a  few days ago. This is what I get for moving up my subscription week since it’s Halloween next week.


This months theme was Scary-Good Beauty, which I dig so much.


This fold-out gives you tips and tricks to own Halloween with the Scary Good Beauty. Honestly, I loved this theme so much I may hang this one up cause I love Halloween and Beauty.

They did that strange plastic bag again this month. I don’t know if that means they are going to continue with these or what.  I really like the messages they put on the back of them. I didn’t have damaged items this month so I was super happy. However, this bag was so stuffed that it wouldn’t close. You can make everything fit if you pack it right.

This is one that I have tried this one before. I got it in a sample set last year.  It’s a Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh. This one is a simple formula that you don’t have to use a lot of. I use a pea-sized amount and massages it into my face to get some slight bubbles going. Once you wash it off it leaves your skin feeling completely cleansed. The formula does smell like a plant, a  real green smell if that makes any sense. I  really like this one since it’s something simple you can have around that actually leaves you feeling clean. Also, this sample size tube will last you a couple months, which is always a plus. I would buy it again since I’ve had really good experience with it every time I have tried it. This one is available in  2 sizes. a 5.1oz for $38 and 1.7 oz for $15.

Buy Fresh Soy Face Cleanser from Sephora.


I have tried Dr. Brandt products before and had pretty good experience.  This is a Pore Refiner Primer. I will tell you the moment I opened this one you can smell it. There is this perfume smell to it that is almost a little too much. The formula itself is smooth and goes on as such to leave your skin super soft and primed. It works really well and doesn’t rebel or make my makeup clump. I wouldn’t buy this one again, because the smell kills it for me. Plus it’s out of my price range the 1oz is $45 and the 0.5 oz is $22.

Buy Pore Refiner Primer from Sephora.


Bare Minerals is a brand I usually get from time to time. It’s usually a  lipstick actually, which I’m always down for,  This one is a  Gen Nude Patent Lip Lacquer which is basically a gloss.


The glossy formula goes on a lot better than just a typical gloss. The shade is a dark dusty pink which is basically a nude on me since it’s almost the same color as my lips. It’s actually really glossy which is good cause it lasts a while and doesn’t try out my lips. However the longer it stays on the stickier it gets. I found myself pulling my hair out of it. That reason alone I wouldn’t buy it again simply cause I’m out of my gloss phase. They do have this Gen Nude in a Lipstick and I would be down to try one of those. This one is $19 for a  full tube and comes in about 20 different shades.

Buy Gen Nude Patent Lipgloss from Sephora.


This product was actually on my list to try since I have seen such good reviews on it. This is Makeup Forever’s Matte Velvet Skin 24 hour foundation. This is supposed to be a foundation that lasts for 24 hours without being greasy. This one is in the shade Y205, which is the lightest shade in Alabaster.

I wanted to show you the process of this foundation.

Left-  Nothing but Primer, that’s my normal reddish bullshit face.

Middle-  I  put the foundation on half of my face. You can see how much it the coverage it gives you.

Right- Finished look and my skin look flawless.

I pretty into this foundation. I only had to use a little to cover my whole face. It does hold up and doesn’t leave me greasy or cakey. I think the shade is one to light for me so I may get a darker one. I will be buying this one again.

This stuff comes in  40 shades and goes for $38 for what looks like a  decent sized tube.

Buy Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin 24hr Foundation from Sephora.


I really adore YSL everything I have tried is pretty great. This one is a heavily floral perfume with a hint of sweetness like fruit. At 1st it’s a little much but once it soaks in it is quite lovely.  It’s really a warm scent and it makes me rather happy. There really isn’t  a lot to say about it. I  do dig it though and would purchase it if it wasn’t out of my price range. This one comes in  4  sizes. A Mini 0.34 oz for $29,  1oz for $73, 1.6oz for $94, and  3.4oz  for $124

Buy YSL Mon Paris Eau De Parfum from Sephora.


If you need a  Setting Spray this is the one to get. This is Urban Decay’s All Nighter which is one of the best sprays I have come across. You only need a couple of sprays once have finished your make up. I only like to use it at the end since I have found that sometimes if you do it before power it can cause clumping.  That is with about all setting spray I have tried. I have found this one will keep my makeup in place throughout the night till I’m ready to wash my face. It doesn’t make me feel sticky or leave my face feeling heavy. This one I will, of course, buy again.  This one comes in  3  sizes, A  mini 1oz for $15, Standard 4oz for $32, and a Jumbo 8oz for $39 which is a  damn good deal for 4oz more.

Buy UD’s All Nighter Spray from Sephora.


I actually really loved this months bag. It didn’t have anything that I completely hated which is always a  plus.  I never really have too many issues with my Play bags.

This one is $10.50 a month if you are interested I have included a  link below.

Sign up for Play! for Sephora.

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