Never Sleep Again Palette

This week I’m gonna be reviewing some novelty palette I ordered from Hot Topic that just came out for the Halloween Season.  I’m a huge horror movie fan so of course, I had to try them. So I thought what better time to review them than the week of Halloween.


This is the Nightmare on Elm Street inspired perfectly names palette Never Sleep Again. On the front, you see the classic Freddy pose that has terrified children for decades. I know I for one use to be one til I  grew up and realized it was only a  movie.  The back features his silhouette and a brief description of the set.


The inside of palette features the shades on the left with the blood splatter background. The right is the mirror which is the same size as the palette. The back frame of it is Freddy’s Ionic sweater with the Elm Street sign at the top and it even goes as far to add the nice touch of the knives coming through it. Also, this palette opens backward, which I believe is because it’s the companion to the  Jason  Palette I will be reviewing on Wednesday.


I wanted to include an up-close shot of the actual eyeshadow since I really like the way they have it laid out.  Next, I’m going to break down the shades included in this set. Please remember  I’m super pale so they may look brighter on me. Also, I have not used any primer on these.


Incinerator– a pearlescent baby blue shimmer.

Elm Street– forest green matte

Blood Bath– blood  red matte

Burned Alive-  light copper shimmer that is literally the color of Freddy’s burn Flesh.

Don’t Fall Asleep- dark grey matte

Slash– matte black

Sweet Dreams- cream matte that is the same color as my skin, which is why you can’t see it

Dream Realm- deep blue shimmer

This is a random look I threw together. I used most of the shades actually with Burned Alive on my lid and Incinerator in my corner. This Palette is actually pretty legit and I  like how smooth they go on. Actually, I only used a little white cream liner on my lid as a  primer.

These shades are very appropriately named for the movie theme. They also are perfect to remind me of the movie. The formula isn’t actually that bad for a cheap palette which I was surprised by. Honestly, I  bought the palette based on being a fan of the movie series alone. I actually bought 2 of these for that reason. I and My bestie are obsessed with Freddy so when I saw them I got us both one.  Actually all of the palettes I’m reviewing this week I bought 2 of, it’s something we do. I had Hot Cash and only spent like $25 for all six. This Palette is $16.90 which isn’t bad even if you don’t like the care for the palette itself.  The design is so perfect that it would be good as a collector’s item. I have included a link below if you want to grab one.

Buy the Never Sleep Again Palette from Hot Topic.

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