No Place to Hide Palette

Let me start by saying Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!

I’m continuing my Halloween themed week by reviewing the next of the Hot Topic Exclusive palettes that just recently came out for this season.

This one is the Friday the 13th theme eyeshadow Palette appropriately named No Place to Hide. If you have even seen one of these movies you should know Jason will always find you. The front is Jason favorite accessories, his hockey mask. While the back features his silhouette with his trusty machete. The description says to “Arm yourself with this Metallic Neutral palette” and Its pretty on point.

The inside of the palette features the mirror on the left side which is the same size as the palette and has the crystal lake woods background. Also, the sign at the top and the random blood splatter is perfect. The right side features the shades against the blue blood splatter background.


I wanted to include the full size of the shades so you can see the complete layout. Next, I’m gonna break down these shades. Remember I’m super pale so some shade appears different on me. Also, these are without primer.


Crystal Lake– army green shimmer, which reminds me of an old school sleeping bag.

Voorhees– deep purple shimmer, the shade of Jason dead skin.

Immortal- bright white shimmer.

Summer Camp– light green shimmer.

Counselor– flesh tone matte

ChChCh AhAhAh- dusty rose pink matte

They were Warned– tan matte

Jason Lives- cream matte the same color as my skin. Also, it’s the same exact shade as Sweet Dreams in the  Freddy Palette.


Like I said in the previous post. They are companion palette and connect together as such. This one does open the correct way. It does make sense that the 2 to share the exact color.  These shades are pretty appropriately named.


I created this look quick with a lot of the shade. They are easy to work and blend. Honestly, at 1st the pink shades threw me off then I realized it has to be because of his mother’s influent and it made sense. They are also really natural and have that campy feel to them.  The shades are pretty vibrant in this one as well.  Again I was surprised that they were of such good quality based on the price. Again even if you don’t like the product, it makes for a nice collectible. This one was also $16.90. Unfortunately, this one is no longer available online but you may be able to find it in a store.

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