Handbook for the Recently Deceased Palette

I’m rounding out this Halloween themed week the actual palette I went on Hot Topic to purchase. The other 2 were just happy extras I had an alert set on this one for when it was released.  I love Beetlejuice and it’s one of my favorite movies from my childhood so when I saw this was coming out a  few months ago I made sure I didn’t miss it.

The palette is set up like the book from the movie. Once you die you get this guide on how to carry on. I think I would have been disappointed if they didn’t go with the route for the palette actually.


The inside you get the classic Beetlejuice Suit strips throughout. The left side features mirror is oval and features various Beetles around it. The right has the shade in coffin shapes. The bottom of both sides feature the tombstones.


This palette is actually pretty thick to appear like it is an actual book. I love that they made is feel like it was with the book spine.


Despite its size, it’s actually empty. Yes, I popped it open just to see if there was anything in there. I was kind of disappointed there wasn’t anything hiding inside. However, you can hide something in there if you wanted to.


Of course, I had to include an up close shot of the actual palette layout since it’s so much fun.  Next, I’m going to break down the shade included. Remember these read differently on me since I’m so pale. Also, I never use primer for swatches.


Afterlife– white shimmer

Juno– cream shimmer

Dante’s Inferno– orange flame shimmer

Lydia- bright red matte with hints of silver glitter.

Beetlejuice– neon green matte. The color of his hair.

Miss Argentina–  forest green shimmer

Shrunken Head- copper shimmer.

Bio-exorcist– blue-green matte

Darkroom- violet matte

It’s Showtime– plum shimmer

Sandworm– dark silver shimmer

Strange + Unusual- Black matte with a slight shimmer.

I did 2  looks with this palette that I wanted to include.

Something simple with the greens and purples in the palette.


Of course, I had to so a  Beetlejuice look. It would have been a  crime to not have.

I’m pretty in love with these shades they are perfectly named and actually remind me of the parts of the movie they are named after. The whole palette is spot on and I’m here for it. I think the reason I  liked this one better than the other 2 is for the simple fact that made it look like a  book. I could really put it on my shelf and no one would really know the difference. These were aswell $16.90 and this one like the last is no longer available online. I know a lot of people were waiting for this one to come out which may be why it’s gone. However, you may be able to find one in stores.

I really love the makeup collaboration that Hot Topic has been doing the past year. I  really hope they keep it up. I’m excited to see what else they come out with.

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