Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation

Continuing on with my Benefits week with their new Soft Blur Foundation. I’m big on the brand so when I saw this I wanted to try it.

It came in this happy little box. I like that they took the shade as the color for a bulk of the box.


It came with so cute little instruction on a fold out which you don’t really see with a lot of makeup products these days.  I also like that they include the stats there as well.


I got the shade number 2.  When you open the package you see the tiny little instruction to shake well before using.


They include instruction as well which also have the adorable smiley face.


It includes a little bit more info that is included on the box fold out.


The foundation bottle matches the box. When you open it the product comes out of this little dropper top.  Which is actually pretty great to use. I find myself not using as much product with it. Cause I can use so many drops at a time.


The Formula goes on with easy and you don’t really have to use a lot. I have been using 3 of  4  dots depending on the day and what kinda of coverage I need.  As you can see above I put the product on my hand which is very close to my skin tone. In the  2nd  picture, you can see how good the coverage is since I used it to cover up the brow liner on my hand. The Formula is actually really light, so it doesn’t weight down your face when you have it on.


Let me walk you through the process.

Left- only primer. I used a  color correcting one then blur primer over it. My face still has redness to it even with those both on there.

Middle- The right side of my face has a coat of foundation. You can see just how well it covers for such a light formula.

Right– a Full face of this foundation. It gives you full coverage without you have to cake it on. You can really use almost by itself it covers so well. I like to use a little concealer over top of it but I don’t have to use a lot of it since the foundation does most of the work.

I really like this one. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t rebel against me. I like packaging and just everything about it is pleasing to me. I will be buying this one again, I could even go darker with it.  This one comes in  12  shades, which is the only thing not impressive about it. I got mine from Ulta and they are having a promo for a free gift with purchase.  It goes for $29 a bottle, the brand has a  mini for $10 if you wanna try it and not spend the full price.  As always links below.

Buy Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation from Benefits.

Buy Hello Happy Soft Blue Foundation Mini from Benefits.

Buy Hello Happy Soft Blue Foundation from Ulta. 

Buy Hello Happy Soft Blur from Sephora.

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