Brow Contour Pro

Finishing out my Benefit’s week with the product of the week. This is one that I was probably the most excited about in a  while. This is their Brow Contour Pro,  from the moment I saw the previews of it I had to have it cause it looks like the future of makeup. Well, at least the future of perfect eyebrows.


It comes in this lovely packaging, that shows you want you to get and the steps on the back, which I like.


I got Blonde Light since I’m usually blonde.


It came with this fun fold out that included tips and tricks. The Magician is actually perfect for this.


When you open it up it breaks down the shades in the pencil, how to use it and a couple of tips on how to get those perfect brows.


Look At This!!!! I mean look at it. I use to still pens like this from my mom when I was little cause they had like 4 colors in them and made scribbling so much more fun.


See those tiny arrows? if you turn those while clicked in on a shade it gives you more of the product to use.

thumbnail_IMG_5871 (1)

The eyebrow pencil comes out of the top of it for you to use. Then all you have to do is unclick it so you don’t break it.

The perks of this pencil that I jacked from the brand’s site.

  • Our multi-tasking brow pencil
  • helps create clean, shaped brows with depth & dimension.
  • Easy brow contouring
  • Blendable formula
  • 24-hour long wear waterproof


Let me break down the shades you get in this things. You get a  total of 4, I feel like any less I would feel cheated.  This is the blonde one that I got but I’m guessing that all of them are set up the same way just with the appropriate shades bases on your eyebrow color.

Definer- to define the edges of your brows.

Highlighter- to highlight your arch.

Lighter Shade- to fill in your brow.

Deeper Shade- to fill in your brow.

Next, I’m going to walk you through the process I take when using the product.


Normal every day can’t be seen brows.


I brush then outlined them with the Deeper Shade so I can get the shape of what I’m filing.


Next, I fill it in with the  Deeper Shade then go back in with the Lighter Shade to add dimensions to it.  Then I took the highlight for the arch and the Definer around to edge to clean it up a bit.


Finally a side by side. Left my brow filled in and the  Right nothing. Which is a  huge sad difference to my lack of eyebrows due to being so damn blonde.


Both brows on and I took some concealer to try and clean them up more. I’m still not great at eyebrows, but I’m working on them. Progress, not perfection, right?

I am really into this thing. It’s super handy to have a  product that does it all with just a click.  Honestly, the only issues I had with the product was that there wasn’t enough of it. I  got it in the middle of August and had used them all up by the end of October. That’s less than 3 months. I did use it almost every day and probably more of it than I should have thought. These go for $34 a pop and come in 5 shades. I will be buying another one of these shortly since I was extremely happy with it.

If you want to grab one I have provided links below.

Buy Brow Contour Pro from Benefit Cosmetics.

Buy Brow Contour Pro from Sephora.

Buy Brow Contour Pro from Ulta.

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