Morphe 502 Set

This week I will be reviewing Morphe products that I have literally had for months. When I say months I mean I  got them in like February. I have used them fell in love with them. I just have not reviewed them and,  I honestly don’t know why. Seriously I use them just about every day, at least one of them I do.

I had heard how amazing the brand was and never tried anything so I ordered this set of brushes and a palette.  I’m going to start this week with this brush set.


This is the 502 set of 9 Vegan Brushes. This set includes the following.

Flat Foundation Brush – 7″ (Bristles: synthetic)
Angle Blush Brush – 7 1/8″ (Bristles: synthetic)
Tapered Powder Brush – 7 1/4″  (Bristles: synthetic)
Flat Bronzer Brush – 6″ (Bristles: synthetic)
Chisel Fluff Brush – 6 1/8″ (Bristles: synthetic)
Oval Flat Brush – 6 1/4″  (Bristles: synthetic)
Soft Fan Brush – 7″  (Bristles: synthetic)
Round Crease Brush – 6 1/4″  (Bristles: synthetic)
Angel Liner Brush – 6″  (Bristles: synthetic)
Black Brush Case – 9 1/2″ x 8″ (open) 9 1/2″ x 4″ (closed)

I’m going to work my way through the set and tell you what everything is for and what I used it for. Only because some people use brushes differently than other. It’s all about what works best for you.


Black Brush Case – the closed case measures 9 1/2″ x 4″


Fully open it measures 9 1/2″ x 8″, it has pockets for all the brush and you can also add additional brushes to it in case there was one you need that isn’t contained.

All the brushes are made of synthetic bristles.


Oval Flat Brush – 6 1/4″. This is oval shadow brush that will help pick up the perfect amount of color. I use it for my lids when I need to apply a base or to layer on my shadow.


Angel Liner Brush – 6″ This is a sharp angled brush that allows you to create a bold line with ease. I used it to do my liner whether I do it in power or liquid so that I can really get it angled perfect and most importantly even.


Round Crease Brush – 6 1/4″  Rounded brushes that will help you blend your eyeshadow in perfectly. I have also used it in my tear duct for that pop of color.


Soft Fan Brush – 7″. Fan brushed used for highlight. I am not a  fan of fan brushes in general. This one is super soft but I feel like I don’t get enough highlight when I use it. That’s with all Fan brushes I have tried, maybe I’m not using them right.


Chisel Fluff Brush – 6 1/8″  This one is designed to help you contour. So you can really define and sculpt. I  like using it on my nose for contour and my brow bone for highlight.


Flat Bronzer Brush – 6″ This Flat Bronzer brush that was made for buffing in foundations, bronzers, powders, or blush so that you can get that flawless complexion. I  like to use this one for my foundation and to blend in liquid contour.


Tapered Powder Brush – 7 1/4″  Super fluffy powder brush that works perfectly if you need a little powder to finish off your look.  I like to use when I’m dusting off my excess  Setting powder or after I’m done as a  bit of a touch-up.


Angle Blush Brush – 7 1/8″ This is the perfect angled brush to apply blush or brush to those cheeks.  I  like to use it to apply bronzer to my face when contouring.


Flat Foundation Brush – 7″ A flat, stiff brush with a rounded tip so you can apply foundation for a full coverage look. Especially to get those hard to reach spots. I used this one for contour, mainly my nose and those little details places. I have tried to use it as a foundation brush and find myself using too much product which just weights down my skin.

I really love this set, like I said earlier I use these brushes every day. They are super soft and make for apply product easy. They are easy to clean and you don’t lose anything when you clean them. I say that because I have some brushes that are terrible after cleaning and just normal use. I have had these for 9 months and they are perfect as the  1st day I got them. I will be buying more brushes from Morphe in the future.

This set goes for  $39 if you buy it from Morphe you can actually make 4 installment payments of $9.75. Which I have never tried and wasn’t aware of but it is actually kind of a  lovely option for us who feel bad blowing the money all at once. I really dig that it’s an option they give for the customer. If anyone has tried it please let me know what you think. I’m going to try it at some point.  As always I have included links below.

Buy the 502 Brush Set from Morphe.

Buy 502 Brush Set from Ulta.

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