Jaclyn Hill Palette

Continuing my Morphe week with the palette everyone was talking about so much that made me want to give it a  try.  Honestly, I had heard of Morphe but not Jaclyn Hill. I was just starting to get into watching beauty blogger on occasion. I’m still not that girl who goes on there binges them but I will watch them if I come across it. I looked at all of Morphe’s palette before buying this one. It had the best review I could find at the time.

I dig the simple white sleeve packaging with the Silver writing.


The back features shot of Jaclyn and a message about the palette.


When I pulled it out of the box it was securely bubble wrap. Some palettes just get tossed in a  box so it’s nice to see the care taken to protect it.


The palette its self-matches the theme of the sleeve.


The back of the palette feature the names and colors of the  35  shades included.


The inside of the palette features Jaclyn dedication to her subscribers.


There are  35 shades in this palette, which I just realized is the most I have ever reviewed in one palette. Since it’s such a  big palette I’m going to be breaking them down by row.  Remember I’m pale so shade will look different on me. I’m going to start with the shades in the palette then applied on me.



Enlight-Bright white shimmer

Beam- cream shimmer

Silk Creme- beige matte

M.FE.O– tan matte

Faint– faint pink shimmer

Sissy- rose gold shimmer

Little Lady- Peach shimmer



Creamscicle– bright yellowish orange matte. same color as a  creamscicle

Butter- burn orange matte

Pooter-reddish t brown matte

Pukey– light brown matte

Hunts- dark red matte with brown undertones

Firework- cooper shimmer

Queen– Bronzey Gold shimmer



Obsessed– off-white shimmer

 S.B.N– tan shimmer

Hillster- dark reddish brown shimmer

Roxanne– dark reddish brown matte. same shade a Hillster

Jacz- dark crimson matte.

Buns– brown matte with beige undertones.

Cranapple- red shimmer with pink tones.



Royalty– Deep Purple shimmer with  pink and blue glitter

Twerk-Royal blue shimmer with violet tones. This one goes on almost like a matte.

Hustle– greyish tan shimmer.

Meeks– bronze shimmer

24/7– brown shimmer with white glitter.

Chip- dark reddish brown matte, that goes on almost black.

Mocha– dark brown matte.



Pool Party-Aqua shimmer

Jada- dark mint green matte

Diva- oliver green shimmer with silver glitter.

 Enchanted– black with  green tones

Central Park- deep brown

Soda Pop= blackish brown

Abyss– black with the hint of silver glitter.

I have been extremely pleased with the palette. It’s got a  bunch of neutral shades but those random pops of color are amazing. I think I picked well this being the  1st time trying to brand. The shadow is all great quality, layerable and easy to blend. I haven’t had any issues with any of the shades, all of them pack a lot of pigment without fallout. I have created a  few looks below. The possibilities with this one are limitless.



I really dig this palette and will be purchasing more from Morphe. I have just been so impressed with what I have tried at this point.

This palette goes for $38 on both Morphe website and Ulta.

Buy Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe.

Buy Jaclyn Hill Palette from Ulta.

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