Flawless Beauty Sponge.


Finishing out my Morphe week with my favorite product from the ones I tired. This is their Flawless Beauty Sponge and my product of the week.

The packaging is simple. I like being able to see what the hell I’m getting.


I really did the “Blend The Rules” which just sums up a blender to me.

I  have used this one with a dozen types of foundation and concealers. It works perfectly with each one of them.

How To Use: 

  • Dip in water and squeeze
  • Towel dry
  • Dip into your favorite makeup and blend

I like to use it with a Hydro Spray from Pacific instead of with water. It works either way,  just really your preference.  As with most blenders, this one expands when it’s wet.

How To Clean:

  • Hand wash in gentle soap and warm water
  • Rinse and let air dry

I use the Beauty Blender cleanser I use for my brushes. I  suggest washing it every few weeks just to make sure it’s on point. I just washed mine in a long time and it was terrible. After cleaning it goes right back to its amazingly soft self. On top of that, this thing is  Latex Free, which is always good so you aren’t getting anything extra you don’t need.

It’s really a Win-Win thing. I’m of course going to buy it again and soon cause I need a  new one. These go for  $7 a pop which is not a lot for a good quality sponge that doesn’t feel like rubber.

Buy Flawless Beauty Sponge from Ulta.

Buy the Flawless Beauty Sponge from Morphe.

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