November Ipsy Glam Bag

I’m back to doing my subscription review for the last week of the month.  Starting with my Ipsy glam bag, since it’s always the  1st one I get.

This month’s theme is  Happy Friendsgiving or  #Blessed. Honestly, I can’t really tell but both of them seem legit and work for this month.


This months bag is a simple dark navy with black hearts.

This is the 1st time I have heard of the brand Timeless Beauty Bar. I really like this simple but classy package, it just read really well. It says that it is packed with skin brightening agents, like vitamin C, for the perfect pre-party glow. It is designed for a pre-night out.  I tried this one  1st one morning during some downtime at work. The mask was a little hard to get unfolded because it has several slits in it so that you can really contour it to your face space. I have never seen a mask done that way and I really dig it. Mainly cause it doesn’t make for an awkward wait with a mask that just doesn’t fit. I left this one on for about 20 mins as it said to within the  1st  5 mins my face was freezing. The mask has something in it that gives you a chill factor which is almost too much. I powered through it and close to the end it does warm up a little bit. Once I  took it off  I massage in a little of the serum that was left then let it soak in. After about 5 mins my skin was super soft and had a slight healthy glow to it. All in all, it was worth it and I would buy it again despite the chill to it. Whatever is in it definitely works and that’s what’s important.


  • Radiance Boosting
  • Evens Skin Tone
  • Energizing

This one goes for $18 for a  3  pack of these.

Buy the Glam and Glow Mask.

This one goes on just like the other one. This one is designed for Frequent Flyers, for when you are on the go and need a refresher. It’s made with the extra slit so you can contour it to your face. This one does not have overly cold has the other one is. It does still have a  chill factor to it.  I  left this on for about 20 mins, took it off massage it in a little then let it soak in. It did leave my face feeling soft but it also makes it feel like it was peeling.  It was the dried product that was coming off around my mouth and nose. Other than that it did leave me feeling super hydrated.  I didn’t care for this one as much as I did the other one. I don’t think I will buy this one again.


  • Intensely Hydrating
  • Rejuvenating
  • Plumping
  • Nourishing

A  3  set of these masks is  $18.

Buy the Up in The Clouds Mask.

I have tried Lottie before since they have been featured in an Ipsy bag before. I have been impressed with the brand, so I  was excited when I saw it was in the bag. This is the Crush Blush which is a collection of longlasting blushes named after your favorite celebrity crush. This one is Zayn, so figure out who the hell that is.


The shade is a dusty rose pink. It’s dark enough to show on your shine but bright enough to give you that color you need which out having to use a lot. This is a light easy to blend formula that works perfectly with my skin tone. I really dig this one and I would buy it again.

This usually run $4.95 but are currently on sale for $3.50

Buy Blush Crush from Lottie.


This is the  2nd time I’ve gotten this MAC Strobe Cream in a bag. It’s a simple lightweight formula design to boost dull skin. I only have to use a pea size amount to cover my face.  I have been using it as a primer before my makeup. When you put it on it makes your entire face glittery. I usually let it soak in a bit while I do my eyebrows and it leaves my skin soft and hydrated. It doesn’t rebel with my foundation or make my powder clump. It really is just that little extra to make your skin more glowy. I find it works really well if you like to wear a thin coat of foundation, cause it gives you that dewy look. I would totally buy this one again.

This stuff goes for $34 for a 1.7 tube.

Buy MAC Strobe Cream.

This is a  product I haven’t heard of or tired, but it’s a  lipstick so I was excited about it.  This is Sugar’s  Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick in the shade Trusty Rusty. Which honestly I don’t feel like is a  good name since the shade is redder than a normal rusty color.


This color looks great on me since I’m so pale. The formula goes on smooth which is pretty simple. Once it dries you do have a  lovely tinted lip that doesn’t really smudge. The only issue I had with it was after a short while, I’m talking maybe an hour it starts to flake off. As you can see above it gets a  little patchy. The tint is still there but it does take away from it. I have tried it several times, on just my naked lips and with a lip balm prep to only get the same results. Sadly this one doesn’t work for me and I wouldn’t buy it again for that reason.

This stuff comes in  39 shades and is $12.99 a  tube.

Buy Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick from Sugar.

This is another brand I’ve not heard of. The package is simple and states that it’s cruelty-free and vegan which caught my attention before I even opened it. This is their Cosmic Light – Multifunctional Pigments. It’s a tiny jar packed with a stunning loose pigment. This is the shade Pulser, which is a greyish blue shimmer with tiny hints of silver glitter. It goes on with ease and packs a massive punch in  1 swipe. I really love this one and will be looking more into the brand as a whole.

These come in 16 shades and are $18 a pop.

Buy Cosmic Light pigment from Jelly Pong Pong.

This is the look I created using all the products.  You can see the full effect of the blush,  eyeshadow and the lipstick. The sheet mask has used a prep then after a  while, the strobe cream was applied.

I was actually pretty pleased with this bag, well with the exception of the lipstick. Maybe I can get it to work with another trick. The rest of the product I’m happy with, I haven’t really gotten and completely terrible bag in a while so hopefully it stays that way. I know I say that every month,  but honestly I’m putting it in the universe so it keeps happening. It’s working.

These bags are a monthly subscription for $10. They currently have a  cyber Monday deal including older bags and larger bags if you are interested in those.

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