ABH Dip Brow

The past few months I have been working on getting my eyebrows on point. In that journey, I have tried several different products so I thought why not just have a week of eyebrow products. So Here we are, starting with Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Dip Brow.

thumbnail_img_2606-e1530048926735The package is the traditional black matte with the gold writing.


I got the shade in blonde, well since I’m blonde.


I love how smooth and perfect product looks when you first open them. Honestly, you almost feel bad ruining them.  This one comes in a glass jar with a  plastic lid. The glass makes it a  little heavy actually.


I did a  rogue swatch just so you can see how dark it compares to my paleness.

Next, I’m going to walk you through the process of how I do my brows. Which I’m still trying to get right. Honestly, I’m a  mess with them for the most part.

Left- normal barely can see eyebrows.

Middle- I took a spoolie brush and lightly dip it in the product then brush my brows. I do this to get a base to work with since my brows are so light.

Right– I then lined and filled in my left brow, just so you can see the difference the product makes.

Left– I filled in both my brows.

Right- I then go in and clean them up with some concealer and highlight. The still look pretty shitty, to be honest.

Some Basics about this product I borrowed from the brand’s site.

  • Waterproof formula is long-wearing and won’t budge
  • Allows for versatility in the application, from natural to bold
  • Pomade formula allows for smooth application and hairlike texture
  • Waterproof formula allows time for blending before it sets
  • Available in 11 shades

I really like this formula. It goes on with ease and is easy to manipulate until the point it completely dry.  It’s not overly dark which I was afraid it would be at first.

Honestly, this one is simple and easy to use. I used to get samples of this in Sephora orders and was scared to try it. They always send out the darker shades so I was worried it just wouldn’t work for me. That’s why it took me so long to give it a  try and I’m glad I did. I would buy this stuff again.

These jars are $18 which isn’t bad since a little of the product goes a long way. As always links to purchase are below.

Buy Dip Brow from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Buy Dip Brow from Sephora.

Buy Dip Brow from Ulta.

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