NYX Micro Brow

Continuing on with eyebrows. I  grabbed this one at Walmart one day since they started carrying next a  few months back. My local one never has anything in my shade so I lucked out that they did this time. I just needed an eyebrow pencil that was complete shit honestly. I have had nothing but good experience with NYX which is why I looked there first. This is their Micro Brow.


Simple packaging, straight and to the point.


The side gives you the benefits.

  • Precise
  • Blendable
  • Smudge Resistant


I always get blonde.


Simple black pencil. This one is  2 sided.


One side is a  spoolie to brush your eyebrows in place. It’s actually pretty stiff which is good in this case.


The other side is the actual product, which you just twist out.


This shade is the only a couple of shades darker than my actual skin.

Next, I’m going to walk you through the process of using this product.


First, My normal just brushed eyebrows.


I have done the left one with the Micro brow so you can see the difference. There really isn’t much of one since it really just gives me more brow than I actually have.


I filled in both of them to give me more brow than I actually have. This shade is so light that it isn’t really effective. It’s almost a little orange to a certain point. Honestly, I have been using it as a  base to get the outline of my brow. Then I go in with a pomade to give my brows more definition.

I really like the formula of this one. It goes on easy with not too much hassle. I think if I  got a darker shade it may work better for me. If I can find one then I will definitely be giving it a try. If you are interested in giving this one a try. They go for $10.  Some of the sites have them for different that I will include with the links below.

Buy Micro Brow from NYX. Currently $7.50.

Buy Micro Brow from Walmart. They go from $5.96 to $10.

Buy Micro Brow from Ulta. They have them for $9.99.


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