KVD 24 Hour Super Brow

Finishing out my week of eyebrows with my favorite product that I have recently come across. Kat Von D’s Beauty 24 hour Super Brow. This is my product of the week.

The packaging is the traditional Kat Matte black with the glossy designed to it that little extra.


The product comes in a glass jar with this lovely raised design lid. The design can almost function as a  stamp.


Of course, I got Blonde.


It’s so smooth and perfect when you open it.

Let me walk you through the process of how I do my eyebrows with this stuff.

Left- I woke up with these barely-there eyebrows

Middle- I have seen this done a  million times and sometimes I randomly do it too just causes. I give myself a unibrow to make sure everything is even. Then I fill it in from there.

Right- Finished eyebrows that I have cleaned up and highlight. They are still off a  little.

I also ordered it in  Lemmy Green, for the simple fact that it is named Lemmy.  I bought a lip liner for the same reason. Motorhead is one of my favorite bands and Lemmy is God.


Same glass jar just a  different colored lid to match the shade.


I like to do my eyebrows in blonde for a  base then top them off with the Lemmy green so that it makes them look more natural. The formula is so easy to mix that there are no issues. I am happy I splurged an bought this shade since I recently decided to dry my blonde hair Turquoise and it made it this lovely blue-green. Now my eyebrows match my hair and I’m excited about it.

I really love this stuff. The formula is amazing. It’s smooth and easy to work. Once it dries you are in for the long haul. When it says 24 hours it means 24 hours.  I have put it on and left it overnight. When I woke up they were still going stronger, which is a  fantastic quality to have when you never stop. The only issue I have had with it is that I left the blonde open overnight and it dried it out some. It is still usable just makes it slightly harder. Other than that the formula is super light and perfection. I will be buying more of it.

These go for $19 a jar and come in 16 colors. Literally whatever your hair color is there is one to match or mix to get it. As always links below.

Buy 24 Hour Super Brow from Kat Von D Beauty.

Buy 24 hour Super Brow from Sephora.

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