Nov Sephora Play!

Continuing with my subscription week with my Sephora Playbox.


This month’s  Theme is  Merry and Bright to help you really get into the Holiday Season.


They included steps on how to use this guide. Just in case you can’t figure it out.


It gives you this fun holiday survival guide.


You also get a quick 5 min office makeover and help to decide if you wanna go to that party or not.

They keep with these weird plastic ziplock bags. Also, the wording on the bag is legit. I usually squeal when I get my boxes.


I’m a  big fan of Amika and I have actually tired this Perk Up dry shampoo before like within the past few months. It’s still sitting on my bathroom counter. It’s simple, you just spray it on your hair wait a few minutes and brush it out. This one doesn’t make your hair greasy or look worse than it actually is.  This one is good to have around both me and my wife like to keep dry shampoo around for when we don’t feel like it or have time to wash out hair.  I really like it an will use it when I need a  quick refresher. I would buy this one again.

This one comes in a  mini 1oz for $10 and a  standard 5.30z for $25.

Buy Perk Up from Amika.

Buy Perk Up from Sephora.


This one is a moisturizing cream gel from Lancome. I randomly come across this brand from time to time and have always been pleased with it. This is a gel cream that I used at night as a before bed moisturizer after washing my face and toner.  When I  wake up my face is soft and hydrated. It is a little greasy around my nose, chin, and forehead. It’s a lovely cream, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

This one goes for $48 for 1.7oz jar.

Buy Hydra Gel Cream from Lancome.

Buy Hydra Zen Gel Cream from Sephora.



thumbnail_IMG_8476This box had 2 skin care products in it which I was pretty excited about.  I have tired Dr. Jart’s before and had only a good experience so I was happy to see it. This one is a light cream that I have to use a little over a  pea size amount to cover my face. I like to use it after a shower as my night time routine. I have been using it the past few nights. I wake up and my face has a  slight glow and there is no redness to it. This does have a slight plant smell to it but it’s not bad.  This one is designed for dry skin and it works effectively. I do wake up a little greasy around the nose, which was the only issue I had with it.

This one is  $48 for a 1.69oz tube, which is out of my price range so I wouldn’t buy it again for that reason.

Buy Ceramidin Cream from Sephora.


I have gotten a sample of this a couple times this year. I dig the way they have it set up. Like this is not a Perfume,  Juliette has a gun. Which honestly for a fragrance is really quite genius and definitely grabs your attention. The package on the back of this one says it’s only molecular composition so it will not come close to anything else. Honestly, it doesn’t smell like anything I have come across before.  It’s really a light scent like I spray a couple sprays and it’s still so subtle it’s almost not there. This would work really well if you like something that not so overpowering it’s choking out everyone. I like something I can tell if there. So I wouldn’t buy this one personally.

This one comes in a few different sizes. A  mini 0.28 oz for $28, 1.7 oz for $100 and, a 3.3oz for $125.

Buy Juliette Has a Gun-Not a Perfume.

Buy Juliette has a Gun from Sephora.


I love Grande Lips. Out of all the lip plumping goodness out there, this one may be my favorite. It’s doesn’t overly burn like some others do and it’s super effective. This is their Hydrating Liquid Lipstick, which is a  super creamy formula that goes on nice and easy. Once you put it on you can feel it working and the perks of this brand are that it helps add to your lips. After weeks of using it, your lips will look plumper naturally. Which I need to get a  full size and truly document that for you all. This shade is Desert Perk which is this lovely terra cotta pink matte that is almost a  nude on me. I really adore the shade and the product and will be buying more of it.

A  tube of this is $25 and it comes in  12 different shades.

Buy HydraPlump Liquid Lipstick from GrandeLIPS

Buy HydraPlump Liquid lipstick from Sephora.


I love this setting powder from Laura Mercier. It’s truly one of my favorites setting powders. I got in it a  box a while back and used it to death. This one goes on flawlessly and doesn’t clump. Seriously it’s wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone needing a  simple setting powder with no hassle to it.  I adore it and need to get my life together and invest in a  full size of it.

This stuff is$38 for a 1oz  jar, but honestly it’s so good it’s worth it.

Translucent Loose Setting Powder from Laura Mercier.

Buy Translucent Loose Setting Powder from Sephora.


I’m actually really happy with this months’ box. It’s some stuff I have tried before and some I haven’t.  I didn’t completely dislike anything I got just something I wouldn’t purchase myself normally which is what I like so much about these.

This box is  $10.53 a  month and as always there is a  link if you want to sign up yourself.

Sign up for Play by Sephora.

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