Nov Yes, Oh Yas

Closing out this week with the review of this month’s Yes, Oh Yas! bag.


This month’s theme is Girl Can, which we can don’t ever forget it.


Here is the list of contents in the bag. I will do a total at the end just to make sure it matches.


I actually got a  Mirabella product in the last month’s bag. I got an eyeshadow that could function as a  highlighter so I was excited to try their actual highlighter. When I pulled this out of the bag I was immediately drawn to this packaging that looks like an old-school cigarette pack.

This is a single palette that is the size of my hand. The product is this stunning swirling pearl wave. It’s a  mineral pressed powder that is free of Paraben, Talc,  and Gluten.


This lightweight formula gives you medium coverage so that you don’t go too overboard with shine. It’s really easy to apply and you only need a  little to get that stunning glow. I really love this one and will be using it to death.

The price is listed at $42 but is currently on sale for $10. It comes in 2 shades. The Swirling Pearl above and Brillant Latte Swirl.

Buy Mirabella Brilliant Highlighter.

This is a  brand I haven’t heard of,  this is the  Browlift pencil from Sorme. The package is simple and not a lot of fuss which works really well for this product. The box is actually the same color as the product. The shade is NO. 30 White.  It’s a highlighter that goes on smooth without a lot of hassle. I  have been using this one after I do my brows to help clean them up and look legit.  I really like the formula it’s simple. It’s not something I would normally buy so I will have to consider it from here on out.

This price is listed as $22, it’s actually $19 on their site.

Buy Browlift from Sorme.

This is the first time I have ever tried a liquid highlighter and I was stoked for it. This one is from Beauty Creations and is in the shade Unicorn Tears.  It comes in this glass bottle. It does have a dropper for the product.  As you can see this formula is thick and packed with shine.

The product can come out in full force. On the left, I literally just touch the side of it to my hand and boom. I do believe it is because there is so much on the dropper itself. On the right, I started working the product in and it’s literally blinding. This formula isn’t sticky and does blend in easily as long as you don’t use way too much.  I have used it as a  primer base and has a  highlight only and it works perfectly for both. I’m really happy with this one and would buy it or another liquid highlighter again.

The price on the card is listed as $17. The brand website lists it as $14.99. It does come in  6 different shades.

Buy Unicorn Tears Liquid Highlighter from Beauty Creations.

I have several Crown brush and I’ve always been impressed with them. This is the Deluxe Badger Oval Shadow which is a larger brush with a compact structure. This is designed to give you a very precise application of powder to the eyelid. It’s super soft and the Badger bristles make it easily pick up both loose and pressed powders and control product fallout. The Pro Powder Shadow Brush can also be used to blend shadow in the crease area.

This one is usually $2.99 but is on sale for  $2.09.

Buy The Deluxe Badger Oval Shadow’ from Crown Brushes.

This is the Aesthetica contour series lip palette. The first bag I got actually had an eye brush set in it that was a hit and miss for me. There was the preview of this before the bag came out and was actually one of the reasons I decided to continue on with the bag. The palette comes in this sleeve with the hidden design. The back features the shades included in the kit.

The actual palette is this flat matte black with the same logo on the sleeve front. The back lists techniques for contouring your lips such as creating a fuller look, fixing uneven lips and downplaying full lips.

The kid does include a pamphlet on how to contour your lips.


You get full clear, step by step pictures of how to use it. Also, you get a  look at all 5 colors then the white added to them.


This is a plastic sheet inside of the palette that gives you the step by step of how to contour your lips. They also recommend keeping this in the palette as to not dry out the product. I did try this and it’s actually really effective.


I like that they used the mirror cling to advertise, very clever.


Once you get through the plastic you get this lovely palette with 6 shades,  4 lip pencils, 1 lip brush, and a full-size mirror.


It’s so lovely and untouched.  Next, let me break down the 6 lip shades included in this.


Jet Setter– reddish purple maroon matte.

Celfie-bright red matte

Media Darling– hot pink matte

It Girl- brownish pink nude matte.

Glam Squad – baby pink shimmer

Pop Princess– bright white matte.

All of these are super creamy and easy to mix together to create several different shades outside of just these 6.


The set came with this lip brush that is super easy to use without a lot of hassle.

This set also comes with 2 dual-sided lip pencils. Next, I will be breaking those down.



Bombshell- Red liner about the same color as Celfie.

Swag– brownish red that a couple shades darker than It Girl.



Partygirl– Bright Hot Pink

Stalker– deep purple that goes on almost black.

I really dig this lip contour kit, this is the 1st one I’ve had in forever. I’m very happy with the brand this time around than the first time I tried and I will have to see what else the brand has to offer.

This one is listed at $45  and the brand site has it listed as $40.

Buy the Lip Contour Kit from Aesthetica.

I’m really happy with this month I got products that I adore and I was actually excited about.

The total they gave for the month was $145. The Total I came up with is $86.08 and that’s with 2 of the items on sale. The price is still off by some. Since I  did enjoy this month I will try it again next month. If you are interested  I have a referral link below.

If you do try it please let me know what you think.

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