Dia & Co Review.

So I recently decided to try a  clothing subscription box. I’ve seen them everywhere the past few months and have been curious. My bestie tried this same one a  few months ago and had a terrible experience but she her taste in clothes isn’t like typical girls. Since my style is a little bit wider ranged than hers I decided to give it a  try. Especially when I saw their Black Friday deal was a free styling.

Allow me to explain to you how this works.

First, you do a style survey of what you like in clothes and your sizes. Then one of their styles takes that data and picks out piece for you. They wrap it all up and ship it out to you.

The Styling is $20 and then you pay for what you keep.


When you 1st open the box you will see this letter set on top of everything.  I will tell you that everything was folded into a bundle then wrapped in tissue paper. I am assuming that’s how they go through and pick it out and get it ready to just stick in the box.


In that envelope, you get a  letter from your Stylist. I got Tina Rose. In the letter, they will tell you how to wear clothes and what to pair them with.


You also get an invoice for the item you got and instruction. They give you 5 days to try it on and send it back. I was sick when I got it so I called them to clarify and it’s calendar days. However they do give a free 10-day extension, you just have to give them a call. The girl on the line told me that they do understand that life gets busy which is why they offer it.

So Let’s jump into this and I will show you and give you my review of everything.


This is the Karlie Lattice Tee from Molly & Isadora in Charcoal Grey. The price for it is $32.00. They sent me a  2X.

This top is made of super soft material, which I actually like about it to the point I almost kept it but it’s just too big and not long enough for my liking. Plus I could get the same thing in my correct size for way cheaper.




I wanted to include some pictures of me actually wearing it. It bunches up in places and just makes me look bigger than I am. I like more form fitting and dark colors. Plus the  X  in the neckline can cause for a little too much cleavage.  The  1st time I put it on and pulled it down all you could see was bra. I think a  size smaller would have worked better.

This is a Quincy Long Sleeve Back Slit Cardigan by Prescott New York. It’s priced at $35.00 and in the size 2X and the color Navy, which honestly looks Black.

This one is also super soft and comfortable. I really like the design and it fits perfectly. I do like my cardigans a little bigger. I chose not to keep this one cause I have one pretty similar to it already and don’t really need another one. Especially since this one is $35 and my other one was way cheaper.



It does work really well over a shirt and jeans. Plus it’s not to short so you can use it to cover up.


This is the Minneapolis Blossom Dress by London Times. The price is listed at $55 in a  size 18 and the color is listed as pink and black.

When I 1st pulled the dress out of the box I liked it. I’m a metal chick with a weird love of floral prints. I think I get it from my mom. I did think it looked a little big but thought it could just be the pattern. The moment I put it on it was uncomfortable the top of it where the sleeves and neckline meet just lays strange on you


This dress is terrible. It makes me look huge and frumpy. I hate it and it made me feel gross wearing it. This would have been way better if maybe it was more form fitting but this entire thing I’m over and instantly took it off.  It’s not worth my time and money.


These are the Naomi Roled Ripped Ankle Jeans from  Jessica Simpson.  They are priced at $69.50. They sent me this light wash in a size 20.

They were these stretchy jeans which I love and I adore the ripped wash of them. They are super soft which I really liked.


The biggest issue I had with these was the bottoms. They are rolled up and can’t be unrolled, which makes them shorter to the point they are borderline capris. All in all, it makes them fit a  little weird cause I’m trying to pull them down but they just ride up and fit weird on my butt.


I just didn’t like the fit. If I fixed the back to make them not as uncomfortable the front made me look terrible.  The waistband doesn’t dig in or anything which was a perk. Everything as a  whole I just decide to not keep them since I really prefer actually jeans.


Finally, the last piece I got was Bengal  Cluth with no brand listed.  This is a  black and silver OS aka one size fits all.  It is priced at  $39.00.

This was the first thing I pulled out of the box and I really liked it. It’s this lovely pleather with the little honeycomb design on the front. Plus it has a  zipper on the back which I already like in bags.


The inside had 3 pockets,  2  big outer one and a slim middle one. The right had a  zipper pocket.  This bag also came with 2n straps. A long shoulder strap and a wrist strap.

I was actually going to keep this bag cause I liked it so much but upon further inspection, I discovered the inside zipper pocket was completely ripped out. So, therefore, I decided no I’m not paying $39 for a  damaged item.

When you have tried on the items and are ready to review them you can go to the site to do so. I received an email that I was able to click on an do. I did all mine on my phone so  I’m gonna show you the question you are asked.


These are the ones I did on the jeans and they do vary on the items and what you answer your choose so that you can give a complete review of it.  You do this for every item and if you decide to keep anything then they will charge you for it at the end.

I was actually excited about this box and honestly, I’m bummed.  I like the thought they put into it, but I did answer in the questionnaire that I liked form fitting and this entire box just made me feel fat and uncomfortable.  When you are a  big girl finding clothes that fit right is the hardest, most stressful thing. I have struggled with body issues most of my life so when it comes to clothes I want something that I’m comfortable in that I also feel good in.

I will be trying this box again and will let you know if it’s any better. I’m putting it into the universe that it is.  If you are interested in giving it a try  I have included a  link below. Please let me know what you think if you do give it a  try.

Try Dia & Co.

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