My product of the week is my latest obsession.  I bought this on a  whim cause I’ve seen them for months and thought that couldn’t work. So I decided to grab a  pack of them and give them a go. thumbnail_IMG_8152

These are Invisibobble which is an elegant coiled ring which reminds me of a telephone curly q. Which trust me I thought it looks insane for a hair tie


The top of the box gives you picture instructions like you don’t know how hair bows work. These are different so I do get why they have done that.


When you take it out of the box it looks like this. All tightly coiled and perfect.


This is after using it a couple time. It’s a little less uncoiled but still not stretched out.


The best part is about these is that they don’t cause conflict with jewelry. I love hair tires but they are a  mess when I’m trying to wear bracelets.  Which the one on the left was a new one I had been using a  day. The one on the right I had been using for weeks and it’s still not so stretched out that it’s unusable.

These are actually quite genius. I haven’t gotten these stuck in my hair or had to toss them out. Literally, it’s a dream considering I go through hair ties like underwear.  My hair is so long so its great to have something that will hold up when I need it the most.  I will be buying these again.

These go for $8 for a 3 pack which comes in several different colors.  They also come in different thickness these are the slims but they also have Nanos and Power. As always I have listed links below.

Buy Invisibobbles.

Buy Invisibobbles from Sephora.


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