Sephora Mystery Lip Kit

I got this Mystery bag a couple weeks back and wanted to review it while it was still available since I have a  bad habit of forgetting or not doing so.

I grabbed one of these the moment I saw it cause it was lipstick and the mystery of it all is that little extra fun you need. The concept is that you get  2 lip products that are known, 1 mystery lip product, and then one enamel pin.  All 3 are some of my favorite things so I had to get one.

The Mystery Lip Kit comes in this semi Matte silver pouch.  The front tells you what 2  products you get and the back tells you what mystery items could be included. It also lists the  6  pins you could get with it.

How I’m going to do this is that I’m going to review the  2 products that come with it then do the mystery one. So each bag comes with a Bite Beauty Mulitstick in Almond and a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Ludwig. The mystery item is one of the following.

  • Ciate London Glitter Flip in Infamous
  • Grande Cosmetics Clear Lip Gloss
  • Nars Cosmetics Powermatte lip pigment in  Starwoman.

This is the Bite Beauty Multistick in shade Almond.  I really love Bite and have never gotten anything I didn’t like from them.  I have several of the multistick and they are greatest. If you are wondering what exactly a multi-stick is and does let me give you a  list.

  • applies like a cream
  • you can wear like a powder
  • use it to contour
  • a highlighter that can be worn on lips, cheeks and around the eyes.

Basically, you can kind of use it for everything. I have used it to contour, as a little cheek color, and as a  lipstick. It works perfectly for all 3.  It’s can be used light enough for blush but darker enough for a good contour.


As a lipstick, it goes on smooth and leaves your lips feeling hydrated for hours. I really dig this shade it works perfectly against my paleness. Honestly, I keep one of these in my purse just in case since versatile.

The full size goes for $24 and comes in  24 shades. It’s worth the price for what it does.  If you are interested in buying one I have included links.

Buy The Multistick from Bite Beauty.

Buy The Multistick from Sephora.

If you have been following me for a  while then you already know I adore Kat Von D Beauty. So of course getting a lip kit with this in it was a  plus. This is one of the Everlasting Liquid lipstick in shade Ludwig, which I haven’t tired. Honestly, I tried to stay away from shades that appear to be almost the same color as my lips.

I really love these liquid Lipsticks. They go on with ease and they go matte. They also dry really quick without completely drying out your lips.  On top of that, they last for hours, I put this one on before I ate graham crackers and peanut butter, it lasted and held strong.


I was worried about the color and it’s actually not bad. It’s a little pink nude so it’s slightly dark than my actual lips. It would be perfect to use as a  base if you need to build up a lip color.

These full sizes go for $20 and come in 60 shades. If you want one, there are links below.

Buy Everlasting Liquid Lipstick from Kat Von D Beauty.

Buy Everlasting Liquid Lipstick from Sephora.

My  Mystery lipstick was  Ciate London’s Glitter Flip in the shade Infamous. I got a  Glitter Flip when they  1st came out last year then lost it somewhere. I love the idea of having a  liquid lipstick that is packed with Glitter.  I’m obsessed with lipstick and glitter so this was my dream come true. The 1st time I tried it I remember being impressed but I didn’t really get to test it fully.  So when I pulled this out of the bag I was excited.

These pictures look like  2 completely different shades in a way. It’s the angle, cause both are the Glitter Flip. The left is after you apply it and let it dry. The right is after you put your lips together and you can see the shine. It’s crazy that it almost kind of looks like a  different lipstick. The formula is simple and doesn’t feel crunchy like some glitter infused lip products do. It does last a  good while. I put it on the other night before I went to the store and it was holding strong when I came back home a few hours later.  I really love these and I actually got this same shade in my Ipsy bag this month.

The full size of these usually go for $19 but they are currently on sale for $13 on Ciate’s website and  $11 at Sephora.  There are 17 stunning shades of these. If you wanna grab one I have provided links below. I’m probably gonna grab a  bunch.

Buy Glitter Flip from Ciate London.

Buy Glitter Flip from Sephora.


These are the  3 lippies that I got in this one. Which I was excited about since I love all  3  brands. All 3 of them are wonderful and go on in perfection. I’m really excited about this little mystery bag to the point I actually ordered another one today.


Also, this is the pin I got in mine, which I love cause I love Swatching and will be adding it to my pin collection.

They actually had 2 mystery bags this one and an eyeliner one that sold out so I wasn’t able to grab it. Hopefully, they will do them again cause I think they are rather genius. The mystery bags go for $16 which is a steal since most mini anything goes for at least $12. If you want to get one while they are still in stock I have included the link below.

Buy a Mystery Lip Kit from Sephora.


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