December Sephora Play!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I hope you ate everything you wanted without feeling guilty or getting sick. Carrying on with the last week of the year with my  Sephora Play! box. Which actually came before anything else so I was really impressed. I guess where it’s Christmas they pushed them out earlier.


This month’s Theme was Play List for 2018. Which I  feel like they have done every year since I’ve got it. However, it works to have a  roundup of the best products from the year.


The box was basically a Cheers to Beauty and I dig it.

They continued with these weird plastic bags that I’m actually starting to like. I love that they made it an ugly Christmas sweater theme and it’s perfect. Plus the phrasing on the back also fits the theme. All you really want around Christmas is the warm fuzzy feels right? Maybe it’s just me.

I’ve tried several things from Fresh and never been disappointed so I was excited when I pulled this out of the bag. I had yet to try any of their lip products but if it was anything like their skincare I was down for it.  The box has this lovely light pink paisley pattern on it which works since it’s a sheer pink treatment. Which the box stated that this stuff gives you 24 hrs moisture boost that enhances lip volume and definition.

The actual product comes in this white aluminum tube that you have to screw the top off of, which I like cause that means you don’t lose it if you just toss it in your purse. It’s really a lip balm that goes on my clear I don’t really get a tint which is perfect. I say that cause some tinted products are overkill for a lip balm and make you look like a clown.  This one is nice, it’s a little waxy but not so much that’s it’s terrible. I have used it a couple days and it keeps my lips moisturized. Also, my lips do feel more fuller and defined.  I dig it, It makes a  really good before bed balm. Other than that I don’t know if I would buy it again.

These go for  $26  for a full size which is 0.15 oz. They come in this pink tint and translucent.

Buy Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment from Sephora.



I feel like I have reviewed this one before but I can’t for the life of me find it. I got a sample of this one in an order a  few months ago and had been using it a lot. I’m usually a hit and miss with Too Faced for some reason. This one I like, this is a cooling matte primer from their Peachy collection. The formula is this light fluffy cream that goes on with ease. I have found that if you use too much it kind of acts like a peel. Which could just be me since sometimes after I use it I can rub my fingers on my face and some dead skin will come off. Honestly, that’s kinda not a bad thing. It does leave my face feeling smooth and primed, also it smells delicious. It’s not a heavy scent to just light enough to get the point across. I haven’t had any issues with it and it works well with my foundations. I like this one and would buy this one again.

This stuff comes in  2 sizes Standard 1.35 oz for $34 and a mini 0.68oz for $26.

Buy Too Faced’s Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Primer from Sephora.



I have not tried anything from Wander Beauty yet so this is a first for me. This is their Glowtion Lotion Illuminatrice, which the name alone intrigued me. This is a  lotion that can be used on your face alone or mixed with your favorite foundation. I tried both. It works nice as a  primer and also mixes nicely with foundation. The formula is light and thin enough that it can easily be used and doesn’t make your foundation heavy. Honestly, the tube feels super empty. I don’t know if it’s cause it’s so light or I just didn’t get a full tube. It’s a nice product and when you use it alone you do get a lovely glow. However, I don’t think I would buy this one again. It’s just not something I really use.

You can get these in a  duo set of 1.01 oz for $34.

Buy Wander Beauty Glowtion from Sephora.


Sephora occasionally tosses some of their own products into boxes which is always a  nice little treat. Anything I have tired with them has been pretty decent. This is the first time I’ve gotten a  lip liner,  I have gotten lipsticks and face masks. This is their Rogue Gel Lipliner. This one is in the shade  Nothin’ but Nude, which I was worried about cause it’s literally the same color as my lips. It works though especially after I have applied foundation and my lips are hidden. Even when I tried to remove the foundation there is some that linger and this was great to outline my lips. I like it cause I can outline them to be slightly bigger than they are, then apply lipstick on that.  The formula goes on easy and it’s a twisting liner which I prefer to the one you have to sharpen. I would buy this again, just in a  different color.

This one comes in  37 different shades and a full size is $12.

Buy Rogue Gel Lip Liner from Sephora.


I have tried this one before, I thought it was recently but it wasn’t.  I still have the other one so I’m not sure and I’ve lost the concept of time with this post. Anyways, this is Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo. I have tried this and a spray they have both were great. This one you use after shampooing your hair. You massage it from root to tip and leave it in for 5  to  10 mins. I have tried it in the shower where I wash my hair, tie it up to do the rest of my shower stuff then washed it out. Also outside of the shower where I just rinsed it in the sink. I suggest the first one. Especially good for those days you have to shave, exfoliate and well everything. I like to towel dry my hair then sleep with it wet. When I woke up my hair was soft and not tangled which is always a plus for me.  This one is good and I like it. I honestly wouldn’t buy it again since I prefer one a leave in and this one is too much work sometimes. I say that cause my hair is so long it just takes me forever personally.

This one comes in  3  sizes Mini 1oz  for $9, Standard 8oz for  $36, and Jumbo 32oz which comes with a  pump for $115.

Buy Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask from Sephora.



This one was the Extra Trial Size included in this month’s box. I actually got this one in April. I’m a big fan of this brand so I’m not complaining. I used the other one to death. Everything that I have tried is brand amazing and this one is no different. This is a silky tinted cream that goes on smooth and leaves my face looking and feeling amazing. I have used it as a primer to my makeup and just a moisturizer, it works both ways. I really dig this brand and will continue to invest in it.

This one goes for $28 for 1oz tube.

Buy Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die Primer from Sephora.


I really liked this bag. I got some things I had already tried but it was good things that I like so it wasn’t a  complete loss.  Honestly, I would rather get something I’ve already tried and love than something new that I just hate. Play! has been a  little hit and misses a few times this year. I always still get good stuff and I can’t think of anything I just hated. Here’s to next year being even better.

Play boxes are  $10.53 a  month if you are interested in signing up I have included a  link below.

Sign up for Play! by Sephora.

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