December Yes, Oh Yas!

I’m finishing this week with my Review on this month’s Yes, Oh Yas! bag. This one actually just came at the beginning of the week. I was afraid that it wasn’t going to come in time for me to properly review it.


This month didn’t come with a  card to give you the full breakdown of prices and items, so I jacked this from their Instagram to compare.


Actually, I guess it’s a good thing this post is delayed since I  came across this earlier. I am assuming they are realizing they didn’t include the card in this one.


This is a Crown K32 Badger angle Brush. I’ve have been a fan of Crown brushes for a while now since I have a couple I have gotten in Ipsy bags. The brushes are always good quality, never fall apart.


The brush bristles are super soft which makes it a  pleasure to use. It holds a product without a lot of loss. I really love angle brushes. They are perfect for contouring which is my favorite thing to do someday. This brush is perfect for that if you are looking for one to get the job done without too much hassle.

They have the price listed at  $18. This one is currently on sale for $2.79 they are normally $3.99. I don’t see any of their solo brushes like this over $5.

Buy the Badger Angel Brush BK32 from Crown Brushes.


This is the Pro Concealer Palette from Bellapierre, which I have never heard of.  It’s a 3 shade color corrector. Since I’m so pale they do look different on me. I am going to break down what they do from top to bottom.

Red Concealer to cover blue-purple imperfections such as undereye circles or bruising. This one goes on as more of orange on me.

Green Concealer covers redness from acne blemishes and rosacea.

Lavender Concealer to cover yellow or brown spots such as sallowness or hyperpigmentation.

The website says these shades can be used on any skin tone. They also suggest applying with a concealer brush or you can blend with a clean finger or makeup sponge. Also, to lightly apply a foundation on top so it will blend better.


I used my finger to apply the red under my eyes, green on my red spots and then lavender on some of the darker spots to brighten them up. The formula is almost a little too greasy which makes it go on with ease, but is a little off-putting. It did exactly what it was supposed to and didn’t cause any caking. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t know if I would buy it normally since I’ve not heard of the brand but I will have to check them out.

I could not find just this one but they do have a full palette that includes 3 other shades. It goes for $50, so for these 3 alone, I would say $25 for what I have here. Which is close since the price list has it at $21.

Buy Color Correcting Concealer Palette from Bellapierre.


This is a MaskerAdie, Tell Me ‘Pout It lip mask. This is the first lip mask I have ever tried. I got one a  couple months ago but with everything going on I haven’t tried it. So I tried this one this morning while at work. I took some charcoal toner to my face to remove any of the yuck from sleep before applying since it says have a clean face.


When you take the mask out it’s this weird like jelly lips, reminds me a lot of wax lips as a kid. You have to apply it flat side down, then make sure you get all the air bubbles out of it. You leave it on for 10-15 mins. I had to reapply it twice in the first 2 mins since I kept touching it. The mask literally makes you feel like your mouth has been taped shut. Honestly, this is the longest I’ve ever had my mouth shut. In the first 4 mins, you start getting that tiny tingle or burning feeling. It’s not bad just strange.

img_9733.jpgI don’t really think it did anything. My lips are slightly plumper but not much. It didn’t hydrate my lips they were actually dried out which I hate. I will try another one, but I won’t be buying this again.

They list the price at  $10. These masks are listed at $7 on the brand website.

Buy Tell Me ‘Pout It Lip mask from MakerAide.


This is Kokie’s Kissable Liquid Lipstick in the shade Dolled up. I have heard of this brand before and looked into it just never bought anything, so I was excited about this.  This is a super creamy almost a powdery formula. I feel like it could be used as an eyeshadow or a blush even, but I didn’t try it. It does go on with ease and completely dries within about 2 mins. This is super long lasting. I can put it on and then an hour later it’s still going strong through eating and drinking. Also, it doesn’t dry out my lips to the point I have to apply lip balm over top of it 10 mins later.


This shade is called Dolled up which is this peachy pink color. It’s about 2 shade darker than my lips so it works for me. It’s not a shade I would normally buy for myself. Luckily this stuff actually comes in  31 different shades so I will have to invest in some other ones.

The price they have listed is at $9. These lippies actually go for $6 a piece which is a  steal since it’s such a great product.

Buy Kissable liquid lipstick from Kokie.

thumbnail_IMG_9570This is the Cali Chic palette from Beauty Creations, which there was a liquid highlighter in the last bag from them. This is actually part of a collection of Cali palettes they have. I really like the packaging of it. It’s calming for some reason. I think it’s the waves.


The inside of the palette sticks with the theme of the Cali palm tree and the beach tones. Also, it has a  mirror which I’m always here for.


The shades and the names include all remind me of warm weather, which honestly I need since Virginia is so cold right now.  Now Let’s break these shades down.


Venice- off-white beige matte, it’s invisible on me

Malibu– gold shimmer packed with gold glitter

Marina– peachy tan matte

Tanlines- silvery  tan shimmer

Boardwalk– redness brown shimmer with silver glitter and pink tones.

Sail– silvery dark brown shimmer with purple tones.

Sunset-pinkish red matte

Beach Babe– reddish brown matte

Laguna– dark brown matte, the same shade as Sail.

I really love this palette and I’m not usually big on neutral or orange tones. They all go on smooth and creamy. They blend perfectly without a lot of fall out.  Plus they are vibrant and buildable.  I really adore this and I am going to be looking into the brand more.

They priced this one at $28, the brand site has it for $11.99.

Buy Cali Chic from Beauty Creations.















Here is a  look I created with this bag. I used the color correcting under my foundation, the eyeshadow palette on my eyes and the liquid lipstick. I used the brush to apply my bronzer.

I’m extremely pleased with this months bag and I will continue on with next months. Since they haven’t been a  complete disappointment and it is for full-size products.

The Price they have listed is $86. The price I have is $48.78 which is almost half of what they are stating. I don’t know if it’s just these items are on sale and not listed as such or what. It does slightly concern me. Let’s see what next months bring.

They charge 17.49 with the promo code YAS10. Full price is $18.98 which is what I got charged this month so you may have to reenter the code.  If you are interested in giving them a  try they did give me a referral code.

They are also currently offering a  VIP program for $1 a month for coupons and code for a percentage off some popular brands. If I decide to try it I will let you know.

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