Happy New Year!

As this year is closing out I can only look back at all the things that happened.  So I decided to make a list.

  • we moved back into my childhood home
  • I celebrated my 30th birthday
  • I figured out my eyebrows
  • celebrated 1 year of this blog
  • I realized I needed to get my life and health in check
  • learned how to manage pain
  • started working on becoming a master trainer for my 9-5 job.
  • converted my  blog to a website

A lot has happened and I still have a lot to learn. Sometimes I think I haven’t really changed much, but I have. I realized just how much based on my on this day memories from Facebook today.

2016 was went I really started figuring out my makeup.

img_97692017- figuring out contouring  but not a lot changed

2018- I finally up’d my game and got my contour figured out. Most importantly my damn eyebrows. Plus I had to bring back my glitter eyeshadow.

apart you can’t tell the difference but altogether you can see it. I’m excited about the future and want else I can create.

Here is to the next year and whatever bullshit it may bring.

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