MAC Prep + Prime Fix

Let’s kick off the new year with one of my new favorite products.

Not going to lie I slept on MAC for years. I don’t know why I just was never interested in it until I came across a  sample size of their lipstick and decided to take a  chance.  I loved the lipstick so much that I decided to take another chance on this sample.


This is MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix + which is a light water mist you can use to refresh and gently soothe your skin.  Also as a finishing spray to complete your makeup.

The product comes in this frosted plastic bottle which I like. It’s simple and straight to the point.

Let’s start with the main benefits of this.

  • Soothes and refreshes skin
  • Hydrating
  • Sets and prolongs the wear of makeup
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Non-acnegenic

MAC describes it as the Holy Grail of hydrating mists since it can be used in so many different ways. This lightweight mist is full of vitamins, minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber.  All of that goodness is what helps not only soothe but refresh your skin.  While doing that it also seals in your hard work and finishes your makeup. Basically, you can use it if you just need a spray to freshen up or you need to lock in your foundation.

They do advise of the following when using it.

  • Hold bottle 12 inches away from face and spray evenly.
  • For face products, apply your favorite powder foundation and lightly mist all over the face to set and hydrate.
  • For color products, apply your favorite eyeshadow or pigment to your preferred brush, lightly mist bristles and sweep across lids for an intensified shadow look.

I have used this in all the ways and it’s amazing.  It’s simple, doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky, it keeps my makeup fresher longer, and It smells pleasant.  I really love it and have already invested in more of it.  They have it in different scents, which they sell in a mini 3 pack which is a steal.

A full 3.4 oz goes for $26 and a mini 1oz for $12.

Buy Prep + Prime Fix + from MAC.

Buy Prep + Prime Fix + from Ulta.


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