KVD Alchemist Transformer

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is safe and doing amazing!

This is yet another one that I have just been sitting on. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I  get a  killer product and use it and use it but don’t review it. I have a  problem.

This is the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Transformer. This is a  mini single version of her popular Alchemist Palette from a couple years ago. The packaging is exactly the same just smaller and more adorable.


The mini has the same layout as the full size.  It’s the white that appears matte til you move it and see the holographic design to it. The only real difference is since it’s a mini version they used a  lower case  “a” instead of the upper case A that the bigger one has. It’s really just a  cute idea for it and I’m glad she went with it.


This is a tiny triangle with a mirror on the lid with I love a mirror in anything. The product is in its little circle against the matte black that Kat product usually features.


This shade is {teal} aquamarine, which was not one featured in the full Alchemist Palette. There was a blue but it’s completely different.  This is really a white silvery glitter with blue hues.


It goes on super smooth with a creamy feel to it. Once you apply it you can see just how much glitter it packs. Honestly, with this one, you can use a lot or a  little and still get the full effect.  It goes on white but once the light hits it you see the blue and gold tones, which are stunning. This shade is actually nothing like the Alchemist Palette ones. They were more of a holographic powder whereas this one is all glitter. This one is actually more like her Metal Crush highlighters.

I’m pretty in love with this one and find myself grabbing it for my everyday looks. I’ve about used it down to the pan.

This mini goes for $14 and lasts a good while. I don’t know if she will be doing any more of the Alchemist ones, but I do know they currently have a ton of the Metal Crush ones. Also, they still have the full-size palette with the 4 shades in it for $32, if you weren’t able to snag it when it came out the  1st time. As always links below.

Buy the Alchemist Holographic Transformer from KVD Beauty.

Buy the Alchemist Holographic Palette mini from Sephora.


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