January Slam Crate


I’m trying to review all these subscription boxes I get in a  reasonable time.  I got this one last week so I’m on my game.


This month’s theme is High Flyers, which may be my favorite kind of superstar. They are just fun to watch.


List of things included in this crate.


This Month’s interview is with Cedric Alexander, who is an amazing cruiserweight. I mean that every match is great. He is just fun to watch and really puts it all out there. Google one of his matches, I suggest anything with Mustafa Ali you won’t be disappointed.


This may be my favorite poster they have ever put in here. This is, of course, AJ Styles from  Money in the Bank in 2017. In case you are wondering what the hell is happening here. Just as he was grabbing the Briefcase Dolph Ziggler snatched the ladder from underneath him. He hung there for a couple secs before falling and hitting hard in the ring. I think what does it for me is the Hang in There! It just brings it all together.


Sticker pack that includes the WWE logo, The Hardy Boyz and  Rey Mysterio.  I adore both Rey and The Hardyz so I like these. They could have gone with someone else those. I say that cause there are a  ton of high flyers in the WWE.


This is a Velveteen Dream Sleep mask and I dig. It’s this silky material and the design is perfect. I like they did include someone new in it. Dream is only in NXT but he is amazing. I really like him and can’t wait to see what he does when he makes it to the main roster.


I’m not going to lie when I pulled this out of the box and realized what it was I was pretty stoked.  They have included cups and mugs in there before but this one is way better. It’s a Kofi Cup, meaning it’s inspired by Kofi Kingston who is the high flyer of the faction The New Day.  Currently, they are all about pancakes which is why you have the cup with the syrup and pancakes on it. I think the reason I like it so much is cause it comes with the silicone sleeve and lid so you don’t burn your hands when you use it. I have another cup like this and can’t use it for that reason. These cups are perfect cause they keep tea and coffee warmer longer but not if you are burning yourself.  I really dig this and love they choose to include it. I will be using it to death.


They are still including these wrestling figures in the box. I have like 4  sets of them at this point. Actually, it’s more like 2 and a half cause 2 are still in the boxes. This one us AJ Styles, which don’t get me wrong I adore AJ but he was also on the poster so he is in here twice.


These figures are nice though. They set it up to where you have this gloves which together form his logo. I don’t think the figure looks like him, Actually, none of them really do. However, I like it and I put him in the ring with the last 3 I got.


These boxes Pin was a perfect choice. It’s the Cruiserweight Title which the one thing the cruiserweights are known for is being high flyers. That’s one of the reasons I like watching them cause they are always doing something insane. They are just fun to watch.


Finally, we come to the shirt. They put Rey Mysterio on it, who is like the ultimate high flyer at this point. It was a good choice which I’m sure they made cause he just came back. I love the shirt it’s a dark color, simple design and it’s super comfy. It’s really all the qualities I like in a shirt.  I was kind of bummed they didn’t have a  secret design in the label though since they have the past few months.

All in all, I really dig this box. It’s one of my favorite they have had in a while. I usually get something I’m not into. They didn’t pick the same old superstars they usually do they did expand a  little bit. However the poster and the stickers they could have chosen someone different cause there are so many high flyers, especially with 205 Live being a  thing now.  They could have used other like Finn Balor and Seth Rollins who are big High Flyers, but they have been a feature in a couple boxes so I am happy with these choices here.

This crate is every 2 months. They are usually about $35 and cheaper if you do a  plan. However, there are a  ton of fun Crate available if you wanna check them out at the link below.

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