Heavy Cream hand lotion.

So I started off my year with a case of fraud on my Debit Card, someone got on my kids Xbox account and made a bunch of charges. Thankfully my bank disputed them since Xbox was no help and told me they wouldn’t refund them. In case you were wondering this was over $200 in charges. The only issue is that I had to get a new card which causes some issues. Due to this, I didn’t get an Ipsy bag this month, which I’m calling Bullshit on cause they didn’t even email me to say HEY update your payment. Sephora did and I got it taken care of. My other one process before the card was canceled which I assumed Ipsy did since it was on my statement before I disputed. This is what I get for assuming. Anyways moving on.

I decided to review this one instead since I did get it with my Ipsy points a couple months ago.  It’s hand lotion and named Cake so of course, it intrigued me.

This is  Heavy Cream intensive hand repair balm from Cake Beauty. The name alone got me and made me hungry. I’m pro cake so I will try it all.

Let me start by telling you about the benefits of this stuff.

  • made with shea butter
  • contains aloe vera
  •  included some coconut oil
  • green tea extract to soothe skins
  • hydrate dry hands and cuticles
  • All the ingredients are understandable, nothing weird you can’t pronounce.

The description of it on the item pages says that it”melts into skin instantly leaving it nourished & velvety smooth”, which just sounds lovely. It’s also legit too.  I love it when a product description actually matches it.

This is a thick cream that goes on smooth. You can feel it hydrating your skin instantly. I have had it sitting on my desk since I got it and it’s been my go-to for a while. Actually today I picked it up and realized I was almost out and hadn’t reviewed it. This stuff is Amazing and to top it off faintly smells like Birthday cake.  It’s not overwhelming but just enough to be pleasant.  I really love this stuff.

When I went to research the product today so that I can give yall the full info I realized they have a ton of products from skin care to cover your entire body and also hair products. I can only imagine they all smell incredible.  Actually, I  discovered that a lotion set I just got from  Ulta is from the same brand. I will definitely be looking more into the brand and making more purchases.

This is a  travel size which is listed as $9 on the site, which I don’t understand because the  2oz full size is $5.99. It may be a misprint so I included the link to all their hand products if you are interested.

Buy Hand Lotion from Cake Beauty.


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