Jan Yes oh Yas!


I’m finishing out this month with my subscription’s. I only have 2 this month around since Ipsy hurt me. I wish I would have realized and saved my slam crate or something, but oh well.

Let’s talk out this  Yes oh Yas bag.


It came with a card since it didn’t last month I was happy it did this time. This month’s theme or inspirational message is “It’s all about you.” You know what you damn right it is. Let’s be selfish sometimes my friends, just a little bit.


Here is our price list. I will be comparing as always.


This is the  24 long wear Matte Lip Gloss from Beauty Creations.  I have gotten several products from this brand in these bags and they have all been pretty impressive. I was excited about this one. Before I use any products I  take pictures of them. I tell you this because when I took this swatch picture of this stuff it didn’t fully come off till the next day. I’m talking after washing my hands several times and a shower. After that, I was both scared and excited about this. So I gave it a try when I created a  look the next day. The gloss goes on great and really packs some color to it. However, it dries my lips out and is slightly sticky. I have tried to prep my lips with chapstick, I have layered with a  nude matte underneath. Still, my lips feel like that are dry and cracked. The product does stay on for a while and chapstick can be added on top of it with a very little takeaway. Due to the way it makes my lips feel I most likely won’t be buying it again which is a  shame.  If anyone has better luck or tips for it please let me know.

There are a  ton of shades of this and it’s only $4.99 a tube. Which is a bummer that I don’t like it.

The price list marks this as $8 which it’s $3.01 less.

Buy 24 long Matte Lip Gloss from Beauty Creations.

This is NCLA Nail Lacquer in the shade This is Hollywood, which is basically just a clear coat that is packed full of 3 types of brilliant gold glitter. This is the 2nd  polish from this brand they have included in these bags. I wasn’t too happy with the last one, but this one I do enjoy more. I think it’s just where it’s basically a clear coat it can be added over of polish as a top coat. I used it alone and had to use 3 or  4 coats for it to look like glitter polish with no gaps. There wasn’t a whole lot of chipping which I was impressed by since the other one did the next day. I really dig this one and have been putting it over every polish I have used the past 2 weeks.


I used it over the appeal powder that I’m going to be reviewing next.  I’m pretty happy with it.  I would definitely buy their glitter lacquer again.

This one isn’t available but they have a  ton of shades and sets on the side.  One bottle is $16 and the sets vary.

The price card marked this one at $21, which they were $16 the last time I reviewed them too. There is a $5 difference.

Buy NCLA Nail Lacquer.

This is an Appeal pigment in shade Charcoal. I have not heard of this brand before. It’s a loose powder pigment that is a dark greyish black in color but packed with tiny fine silver glitter. The pigment goes on smooth, I applied it lightly above but you can build on to it. I suggest using an eyeshadow primer to build it up and make it more vivid. I have used this one for a crease in my shadow and a dip on my nails to make a nude shade darker. The only issue I had with it is that it can get everywhere and isn’t easily dusted off. I like the pigment and will continue to use it for whatever til it’s gone. However, it’s not something I would normally buy.

This one comes in 4 shade all neutral and is actually priced at $21 like the card lists it.

Buy Appeal Pigment.

Another brand I have not heard of. This is an Inmo Universe Highlighter in the shade Twilight. I really dig this crazy pastel rainbow box, It’s really lovely. This is a lightweight highlighter that is cruelty-free and paraben-free, which is a big perk.

This is an intense pigment that really packs a  shine. I have been using this one as a  blush/highlighter combo and it works pretty perfectly.  The color is this pink coral that looks kinda orange but it’s not. It’s actually pretty stunning and I’m going to be using it to death. Also, I’m going to be looking more into this brand.

These highlighters come in  4 different shades and in a  palette.  This single is priced at $10 which is what the price card says as well.

Buy Inmo Universe’s Star Highlighter.


I feel like a terrible person cause I was not aware that Crown also made makeup. I know them solely on their amazing brushes. So I was excited when I pulled this out of the bag. This is Crown’s OMG Eyeshadow collection.

It comes in a plain white case with I really like how simple it is. The inside has a  mirror which as you know I always love. The backing of the actual palette is holographic which is simple but also make the colors pop.


This one contains 10 shade which we are gonna break down next. I have swatched them below but remember I super pale so the shade may vary unless you have my ghost skin tone.


There are no names for these so I’m just gonna work my way down.

Off White Shimmer

Burnt Orange Matte

Brown Matte

Mint Green Shimmer

Dark Mint  Green Matte

A Shimmer version of the Brown Matte with hints of gold

Reddish Pink shimmer with hints of gold.

Lavender shimmer

Violet shimmer

Black Matte

I really like this palette the shades are creamy and go on brilliantly. I will definitely be looking into them more. They actually have a  couple of palettes that look like Kat Von D and Morphe Dupes.

Buy the Crown OMG Eyeshadow palette.

This one is  listed at $9.99 which they  priced it at $10 so it’s matches

I really liked this months bag. I don’t have any real complaints other than what I have already stated above.  I must admit it’s nice getting full samples and I’m gonna try it again next month.

Use can use the code YAS10 for 10% off which is like a $1  so the total with shipping is  $17.49.

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