Saraya Jade Break up Collection


I’m on a roll this week and have 3  posts. What has gotten into me? I literally have no clue. I haven’t felt like complete death this week may be why.

So if you read this blog you already know I’m a huge Wrestling fan. Due to that, I’m always on board to support any of my favorites side projects. Especially if that project is makeup. Last year Paige started a  clothing brand “The Saraya Store” which is basically a brand under the Blackcraft Cult label, which I also love. At the end of last year, she released her the Breakup Collection which is a set of  4 matte lipsticks.

Let me start by telling you this set has sold out like 4 times that I’m aware of could be more. I snatched it up when they came out cause I have a problem. Sometimes my problems work out in my favor. This was one of those times.  Now let me break down this collection of break up for you.

The makeup brand is named Saraya Jade, which is Paige’s real name.


They included this card just to tell you what the collection is all about and to remind you to stay badass.


If you ordered all  4 you also got a makeup bag which is this simple black mesh with the brand name on it.


These lipsticks are unlike anything I have seen before because they light up.


I know what you are thinking. Why in the fuck does a lipstick need to light up? Well, the wand lights up so if you are in a dark area and need a touch up you just click it on. Also, there is a  mirror on the side of each of them.  Basically, you can toss one in your bag and never have to wing it because you are without a  mirror or good lighting. They are perfection based on that alone.

Next, I’m going to break down these incredible shades. Side note the pictures of the lipstick and the pictures of me wearing it are taking in 2 separate rooms on different days and different lights. Hence why some may not look like the same color. I almost retook them all and decide that no this is an important lesson of lightning. When it comes to makeup it’s super important. Remember that babes.

Carrying on.


I Don’t Need You– It’s a dusty rose pink.  The shade is the perfect nude on me. Perks of being pale.


Rebound- It’s a dusty purple with undertones of pink and red. It’s a lot darker on me than in the tube.


Into Dust- dark brown with hints of purple and red. This one looks almost black on me.


IDFC- yes that stands for what you think it stands for.  This one is a deep red and is just stunning in contrast to my skin.

I am in love with these lippies. There are a couple of perks of these that I’m gonna list.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Long lasting
  • Smells amazing
  • Don’t dry out your lips
  • Look amazing on everyone. I am constantly stalking their Instagram and my fellow babes who also snagged them all look incredible in it. Usually, there is one person that it just doesn’t work for and I have yet to come across them.

These all go on with ease and dry within minutes. They aren’t sticky or overly dry out your lips. I always have one of these in my bag since they are so wonderful. I am really impressed with the amount of love put into these. Plus these are not insanely priced. They go for $14.99 a tube which is a  steal since they have the extra with them.

I will be reviewing the rest of her makeup next week. However, if you want to check it out or grab these I have included a link below to all her released products. This collection is only available on her site at this time.

Buy the Breakup collection from Saraya Jade.


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