Saraya Jade Highlighter


I’m trying to do another 3 posts this week. Also, I’m trying to make sure I review shit soon after I get it instead of months later. I got this set the day it came out which was a  surprise since I wasn’t aware of it. I ordered it and never looked back. That was about 3 weeks ago. I’m not too far off here. Progress, not perfection people.

This week we are gonna talk about the  2nd collection from Saraya Jade Cosmetics. I’m gonna start off with the Highlighter palette.

This is a pretty good sized palette. The package is black holographic, which is why you see those wonderful rainbow stripes on it.


The inside has the same black holographic material just the palette squares and the mirror is outlined in silver.  When I got mine the top one was broke when I opened it. Since it wasn’t completely broken so I just pressed it back together and it’s fine. There was no reason in returning it.


The mirror is the same size as the palette which I always dig, plus she put a positive message on it. Remember to Be You Babes!


The actual highlighters themselves don’t look like much in the pans.

Now allow me to break down each of these shades. Remember swatches may appear different on me since I’m super pale. Also, they say these are suited for almost every skin tone.


Silver Bullet– bright white

Creatures– orangey peach

Moonlight-white with blue and purple tones

Martian- green with gold and pink tones.

All of these shades are bright, vibrant, and damn they pack a punch of glow. They all go on so smooth and creamy it’s a dream. Honestly, it’s easy to use too much of it, so be careful or go crazy. Do you boo. I’m pretty in love with these ones and will be using it to death.

If you want to buy one of these you can get them in Hot Topic Store and online. They currently have it for $10.43 The Brand site has it for $22.99

Buy Saraya Jade Highlighter from Hot Topic.

Buy Highlighter Palette from The Saraya Store.


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