Saraya Jade, Kinda Freaky & Little Geeky Palette


I’m am carrying on with my review of the new Saray Jade collection. Next up is the dual palette. It’s basically 2 separate palettes glued together.

You get Kinda Freaky and Little Geeky. The outside is the flat matte black with the brand name in the glossy matte at the top. The Bottom corner they have the logos for the different themes of the palette.

I am going to break these down side by side. Starting with Kinda Freaky since it’s the front palette.


The Kinda Freaky side is laid out like this. They carried the Matte Black to the inside of it. Honestly, not much to say and I will break it down more in the next 2 pictures.


It’s got a Full-Size mirror with the name in the top corner of the mirror. At the bottom you see the Glampire lip bite and underneath it, in a glossy black it says “I Don’t Want to be like You”. Another self-love affirmation.

thumbnail_img_0349This side has more of the darker shades of the complete palette. All with some pretty perfect names to be Kinda Freaky. Now let’s break down these shades. Remember I’m super pale so they read differently on me.


Siren- Greyish Blue shimmer

Creature– Dark Purplish Pink

Fatale– Maroon Shimmer

Craft- Deep purplish Grey Matte

Wynona– Red Matte

Scream– Midnight Blue almost a matte but with a slight shimmer to it.

Charmed– Deep purple Shimmer with a slight pink hue

Prince– Slightly  burnt Orange Shimmer

Lagoon– Dark bluish grey shimmer

Knight- Red Shimmer with pink tones.  Almost the same shade as Wynona

Lydia- Bright white matte

Freak– Black Matte

Now let’s get a Little Geeky shall we?


This side of the palette is the same layout just backward.


This side also has a Full-Size mirror which I was excited about since most palette duos won’t do this and only give you 1 mirror so it was a treat.  The layout is the same. The Side name in the top corner of the mirror with the unbiting Glampire lips.  Underneath those, it says in  a glossy black “Be Like Yourself, Be You.” This brand is all about being yourself and I’m fucking here for it.


This shade is more of on the light side. They are all basically a nude to a certain point. Also, I can understand how these shade names are a Little Geeky since some are things we geek over. Now let me break these down and remember I’m a pale bitch.


I put these on my right arm which I have a  tattoo as you can see. Since these are lighter I thought this would let you all see just how buildable they are.

Oddball- Bright white Shimmer

Underdog- Orangish Tan Matte

Jett- Beige Matte, basically my skin color.

Bowie- Royal Purple Shimmer

Leather– Dusty Pink

Enchanted- Beige shimmer with hints of pink.

Kween- Maroon Brown Matte

Attila- Greyish brown  matte with  purple hues

Mercury- reddish Grey

Weirdo- tan matte

Different- baby pink shimmer

Geek- dark brown matte

All of these shades over both sides are easy to blend and buildable. I was really impressed with it. Sometimes random rogue palette that is like a  big name brand will surprise you and be better.  You can tell the time was put into this one to make sure it was good enough.

I have created a  couple looks with it so you can see how I have used it.

I used one of the liquid lipstick I will be reviewing on Friday for the eyeliner.

I used both sides for these looks and of course the lipstick in the collections.

I really dig this palette and will use it to death. If you are interested in it. I have links below.  You can also get this in  Hot Topic stores.

Hot Topic has it currently for $15.12

Buy the Kinda Freaky & Little Geeky Palette from Hot Topic.

The brand has it for $24.99.

Buy The Kinda Freaky & Little Geeky Palette from The Saraya Store.

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