Saraya Jade, I Bite Liquid Lipstick.


Look at me doing 3 posts this week. Who the fuck am I? the old me?  just determined? I really just didn’t wanna break up the posts since it’s from the same brand and stuff. Also, I’m pretty determined these days.

So I’m pretty obsessed with this brand right now. Everything about it just pleased me. The designs, the actual products, just everything about them I love.

These are my favorite part of the whole thing so I’m making them my product of the week. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.


Just look at the front of these lipsticks. The packaging is just stunning. I have always had a thing for Vampires so the Glampire lips here are just perfect! Also, the illusion of it all is wonderful.


In Case you haven’t figured it out this brand is all about being yourself and self-love. I dig it cause honestly we really need a reminder of it sometimes.

Next, I’m gonna break down these 4 shades. Which are kinda the same 4  shades from the Breakup Collection but they aren’t. They are like different varies of them.


Sweet Saraya- which is named after Paige’s mom Sweet Saraya Knight, google her she is a damn good time.  This shade is the most perfect red lipstick. I have gotten nothing but compliments when wearing it for that reason. The pigment of it is just enough to give you that pop of red to bring a classic look together.


Hex- This shade is a deep rich purple. It’s got a slight hint of blue in there as well. Since I’m so pale this one almost reads as a black on me.


Jordan- which is named after one of the owners of Blackcraft Cult’s Daughter. This shade is this lovely pink nude on me. It’s maybe a shade darker than my actual lips. However, it works really well for me if I’m trying to go too crazy with my look that day.


Lydia- the shade is this weird mix between a pink with red/purple hues and a nude. I don’t really see it as a nude but it can be used as one. I think this one may be my favorite for that reason.

All 4 of these shades go on super smooth, also easy to mix and work to your advantage. Once you apply it only takes about 2 mins to completely dry. They don’t leave your lips sticky,  they smell amazing, and last for hours. Plus they don’t dry out your lips, which I think is a big fear of mine. Seriously, I’m obsessed with my lips being moisturized. I’m also obsessed with these and have been using nothing else for weeks. The other thousands of lipstick I own are jealous.

If you want your lipstick to be jealous as well. You can grab these online at the links below or in your local Hot Topic Store.

Hot Topic current has this for $7.12 a piece.

Buy the I Bite Collection from Hot Topic.

The brand has them for $14.99 currently.

Buy the I Bite collection from The Saraya Store.

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