So I am trying to read more books this year. I have always loved reading it helps quiet my mind. However recently I have been in this weird like a rut to where I spend more time on my damn phone than I do with my head in a book. I have a problem so I’m trying to resolve it by busying myself with other activities or reading. Hence why I restarted my  365 days of  Artbook over for the hundreds time. I have been keeping up with it as well.

I  bought this one on a whim. I kept seeing it in my Amazon Recommendations and it always sparked my interested since I have always been into Witches, magic, and everything as a whole. So I read the reviews on it and decided to get it.


The cover is black matte with the title in silver and the rest in white. It’s simple and straight to the point nothing too fancy which is perfect in this case. If you are judging the book by its cover then you actually are pretty spot on to think the book is about a witch. However, in this case, it’s not just any witch it’s you. A witch has always been a negative or taboo thing in the world for decades. When in reality they aren’t all that they are made out to be.

The Author Lisa Lister is actually a third-generation hereditary witch, meaning she was raised with the teaching.  Which also means she knows her shit. In this book she explains the history behind witchcraft, why at one point if you identified as a healer you were burned at the stake, and why the witch is reawakening in women across the world today. All women are witches, we have it buried deep inside since it’s something we have been told is bad. Lisa take you through the process of realizing you are a  powerful badass witch and how to use that magic for good.

Here is a list of things that she covers in this book I jacked from the Amazon description page. I didn’t want to forget anything important.

  • The wheel of the year, the sabbats, and the cycles of the moon.
  • Tools to enhance your intuition, including oracle cards and dowsing, so that you can make decisions quickly and comfortably.
  • Understanding the ancient use of the word “medicine”.
  • How to work with herbs, crystals, and power animals so that you have support in your spiritual work.
  • How to build and use a home altar to focus your intentions and align you with seasonal cycles, the moon cycles, and your own intentions for growth.
  • Cleanse, purify, and create sacred space.
  • Work with the elements to achieve a deep connection with the world around you.

The way I see this book is like a starters guide for witches. Well, that’s how it was to me. Like I stated above this is something I have always been interested in and wanted to explore more of. I blame The Craft for making a big impression on me when I was young. Also, I have never seen witches are ugly horrible creatures that are going to hex me. I have always thought of them as beautiful role models in a strange way.

Reading this book definitely awoken something in me. There is one part that literally says that if you are denying it or if your body knows you are not doing something good for you it will tell you. Since I have been sick with my gastritis bullshit that part hit me hard like is this why I have been so sick and in pain? My body is rebelling cause I’m not using my magic to heal it. Honestly, since then I have been trying to do better and use my powers. I haven’t felt like complete and utter shit so either I have just changed my mindset or I’m have unlocked something good.

I’m excited to see where I can go from here. I have so other books that she suggests that I have ordered that I’m going read. I really just want to learn as much as an I can and see how I can use it. This is actually something me and my bestie are exploring. That is probably why we get along so perfect cause we are witch sisters.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that is interested in Witches, the history, and the practices.  If you have been in a rut and feel like you need to reawaken yourself or if you just like self-help books. This one is in a way a self-help book actually if you let it be. Seriously go get this one!

Currently this book new is $10.87 which is really not a  bad price.

Buy Witch by Lisa Lister.

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