MorpheXJamesCharles Palette

Hello Sisters!

I was able to get my hands on this gorgeous palette a few weeks ago when it was finally released on Ulta’s website. Morphe had a wait list that I never got off of.

If you are makeup obsessed then you are aware of the buzz of this palette or you have at least heard of it. I’m usually not one to jump on the hype train but this one just struck me. The colors are just so inviting that I could pass it up.


I really dig this packaging. The entire thing is different shades of white and then just the pop of color like he has painted it on. The Artist in me absolutely fell in love with it.


The back features a message from James written in silver which works well with the white tones.


The Actually palette is a flat matte black with the Morphe X James Charles written in a glossy black.


Nothing worth talking about on the back. I’m not sure why I have decided to include this actually.


When you open the palette the lid is the same flat black with “Unleash Your Inner Artist”  written in glossy black.


The palette features 39  shades, 32 of the smaller ones and then 7 bigger ones in the middle. There is a plastic protector over top of them that features the shade names. Which while I love the idea I also hate it cause I’m going to lose that. I just am and I know it.


Here is the palette without the film. The shades are stunning and honestly, this picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Next, I am going to break these shades down. Since there are so many of them I’m going to do them row by row. As always remember I’m super pale so shades may read differently on me.  Also, the swatches are everywhere since I  used both of my arms to do them.


Canvas- beige matte, which is the same color as my skin so it works to help create a blank canvas to build upon perfectly.

Ringlight- a  cream shimmer,

So Good-  light gold shimmer

518– super bright orange

Rusted- bright red with pink hues

Halloween- dark orange shimmer

Wig- bronze shimmer with gold glitter

Tea- greyish brown matte


Punch Me-  Khaki matte

Sister- beige shimmer, basically same shade as Canvas.

 Mary-  reddish tan

Literally-Coral Shimmer

You’re Kidding-  blood red matte

Shook- Maroon Cooper shimmer

Boutique-  brown matte with  red tones

Benny- blackish brown matte



Flashback- pure white matte

Face-  light tan shimmer, this one is  super creamy

Tune- pale yellow matte

Code James- burnt orange matte

10% Off- red-brown matte

No Beans.- dark purplish brown Matte

Spooky- Black Matte


Bee- Bright Sunflower Yellow

Guac– Dark golden green

Hello- baby blue shimmer

Playground- Neon Blue Matte

Brother-Periwinkle matte

Artistry-Amtheyst pink shimmer with  blue and  purple  glitter

Love That– Dark Pink Wine matte

Pinkity Drinkithy- super light Baby Pink matte that cannot even be seen on my pale skin.


Social Blade-  Bright Green Matte

Daddy- Forest Green Matte

Cape Cod- Forest Green shimmer

Cola- light Violet Matte

A Cappella- Tardis Blue Shimmer.

Escape- Royal Purple Matte with  Pink undertones

Single- Neon Purple Matte

Skip– Neon Pink Matte

I have had this palette for about a month and I have created a  few looks mainly with the same colors. I am really obsessed with the 2 bottom row since the shades are so bright and vibrant I’m attracted to those immediately.


This palette is amazing. The shades are buildable so you can lay them up. There isn’t a whole lot of fall out to where you lose all the product. The Shimmers are all so creamy and the Mattes are smooth which helps both be applied with ease.  Plus they blend so easily without any trouble. You can really do so many looks with these. I only did these 4 that I was happy with  I’ve been in a weird makeup test vibe lately so. I’m excited to continue playing with it and creating more look. If I create one I really dig I will do another Break the Look down about it.

I was able to score this one with my Ulta point so I didn’t have to pay for it. This Palette is $39 which is great if you want a good variety of colors.

It’s available online and in the store. I don’t see it available on Morphe website at this time.

Buy the MorpheXJamesCharles Palette from Ulta.

Did anyone else get this one?  Let me know what you think? Did you create anything fun with it?

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