Karl Who?

Hello, my Dears,

I decided to do a different kind of post today since I’m rather heartbroken. As a fashion lover, Karl Lagerfeld was one of the Kings.

If you don’t know who he is you have at least seems him before with that iconic image of his white low pony, dark glasses, and starched high collar attire. Also occasionally known to carry his redpoint Birman cat named Choupette. The one below is my favorite.


Allow me to give you a  brief rundown of this man.

Karl Lagerfeld was a creative director, fashion designer, artist, photographer, and even a caricaturist.

He was born in Germany in 1933. His father who owned an evaporated milk company met his mother when she was a lingerie saleswoman from Berlin. I found that oddly romantic for some reason. He moved to Paris in 1943 and  2 years later entered a coat design competition sponsored by the International Wool Secretariat which he won and was soon after hired by Pierre Balmain. Then for three years, he worked as Balmain’s assistant, and later apprentice. From that start, he did work with numerous brands as a  freelancer.

  • Chloé
  • Charles Jourdan
  • Krizia
  • Valentino

In 1967, he was hired by Fendi to modernize their fur line. His innovative designs proved groundbreaking, as he introduced the use of mole, rabbit, and squirrel pelts into high fashion. He remained with Fendi until his death.

He is most well known for his time with Chanel. He was hired in  1983 to help revamp the brand which was considered a “near-dead brand” since the death of namesake Coco.  He was the one that integrated the interlocked “CC” monograph of Coco Chanel into a style pattern for the House of Chanel, which has become the iconic symbol for the brand. He was the creative director up until his death.

I just dig this picture. 

When this bag came out I was obsessed I wanted one but with no money to buy it I made my own. I carried to forever til it almost broke and I retired it. I still have it somewhere.

Allow me to leave you with someone of his quotes I came across today in tribute to his genius.



Thank you for your beautiful creation that will live on forever.


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