LUST: Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio

Hello Lipstick Lovers,

I have a product of the week for you. Once that I had been lusting to get my hands on something, really anything from Pat McGrath Labs for a long time now. Everything I have come across just seems so perfect and flawless but it’s so expensive.  So when I  saw these on Sephora’s site when they were ramping up for the holiday I had to have a set. These actually went in and out of stock for weeks till finally, I snatched one up.

This is their LUST: Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio they had 2 sets this one which is more on the nude side and one that was a brighter version of these shades.

The packaging of these was this gold foil that is super hard to rip open I had to use scissors. So much for ripping it open with excitement. Which is actually a good thing cause inside are all these gold Sequins so it would have been a  beautiful gold disaster if you were to rip it open. On the front, they have the label for the set and the shades in it. I really dig the weird like lab label on the see-thru window for some reason. The packing is so stunning and then there is a  label like this to kinda offset it. The back has the full details label on it. I like it and it all pleases me on so many levels.


The mini lipstick was stuck in this plastic taco holder thing so they could be properly displayed in the packaging.  The tubes themselves are shiny black with the gold lip shaped band in the middle where the lid comes off.


Here are the swatches on me. Remember I’m super pale. Next, I’m going to break them down shade by shade.

Omi- a Dark Dusty pink

Flesh 3- Deep crimson. This one really pops against my skin.

1995- tannish pink, this one is a shade lighter than the Omi. It’s almost the same color as my lips so it works as a  nude.

All three of these shades are a highly pigmented creamy formula. They have almost had a powdery kinda feel to them. Not in a bad way but in a  way to just make it feel like it goes smoother. Almost like a cream eyeshadow. These last for a hours with little fading. I really adore these and I’m glad I got them to try so that I know they are damn good without blowing the money on just one.

This set is still on sale for $25  and they have the brighter shades in stock as well.

Buy The LUST: Mini MatteTrance™ Lipstick Trio from Sephora

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