February Ipsy


Since this is a  short month I am changing up this month just a little.  I am going to get my posts out for my subscription all this week. Starting with my Ipsy since I got my life together and actually got it this month and it’s still the 1st one I get.

This month’s theme is Swoon So Hard. They changed up their card format to include the theme on the front and the products listed on the back. Which I dig since that’s the one thing I like about my Sephora box is they give us a list and tips. So I will be including the item description along with the product. fghfghfghgf

I love this kiss bag. It’s perfect for the month of February which is the love month.

Laqa & Co’s Prickly Pear pH Gloss, which is something new that I’ve not heard of. I’m all for a lip product so I will try anything. This is gloss with a light pink tint to it. It’s not a  highly pigmented tint which is perfect. Some gloss goes way overboard with that sometimes. The gloss itself is light and doesn’t feel like I have buttered my lips. Plus it’s not sticky which is my one issue with glosses. I hate a gloss that feels like glue, dries out my lips, or even worse makes my hair stick to it. I have no time for that kind of bullshit. This one is pretty great and doesn’t do any of those things. It lasts stays on a good while and leaves my lips feeling super smooth and moisturized after it fades. Also, it smells faintly of pears, which is kinda of lovely. I dig it and will use it up. I will also be looking into the brand more.

This one they sell in this mini size for $5 and a  full size for $15.

Buy LAQA & Co Prickly Pear pH Gloss.


Doucce’s Fierce and  Fine Graphic Pen in Black. This is another brand I have never heard of, but I am down for some eyeliner. This one is a sleek black matte pen which I can’t recall ever having one like this. This felt-tip is great for making the perfect wing of any size. The way it’s designed you can do it lightly or go bolder whichever you prefer.  This one is waterproof so it does last a good while. I had to make a second round with my makeup remover wipe to get it off completely. I’m quite pleased with the one and would totally buy it again.

This one goes for $21 which it’s bad for a  waterproof liner.

Buy the Fierce and Fine Graphic Pen from Doucce. 


Royal &Langnickel’s Moda Pro Glow Brush. This is another brand I’ve not heard of and the moment I laid eyes on it I was in love. Just look at this brush. The handle alone is perfection. I have used brushes with designed or tiny grips o well with very little fallout. I actually needed a highlighter brush and hadn’t come across one that I wanted to try. I’m glad I waited cause this one is perfect and won’t get mixed up with any of my other brushes. I will definitely be checking out more of this brand.

These Brushes are 100% Vegan and they have a complete set of these Pro brushes. This one by itself goes for $6.99. Also if you sign up for an email you can get 20% your 1st order.

Buy the Moda Pro Glow Brush from Royal and Langnickel.


Seraphine Botanicals ‘s Daisy & Pearl Natural Radiance Booster. I have gotten stuff from this brand before in an Ipsy bag. It’s always a good quality which this one is no different. I always dig the packaging they use since it’s always this beautiful pastel rainbow. Also, their products are Vegan, Gluten and GMO-Free.

This highlighter comes in a tiny white compact, that includes a mirror. The powder in the pan appears like this light brown with hints of pink. When you apply it goes on my skin as this silvery pink. It’s really quite luminous and gives you a nice lovely glow. The product is super creamy and eases to apply. You don’t have to use a lot of it to get the full effect of it. Also, it works well as an eyeshadow. I really like this one and would buy it again.

This one goes for $22 for 3.5 oz.

Buy the Daisy + Pearl – Natural Radiance Booster.


Purlisse Coconut Oil & Coffee Body Butter. This is another brand I have gotten before in one of these. This formula isn’t really a body butter it’s a little too thin than normal body butter is. It goes on fairly smooth it is a little greasy to me, but it does absorb into your skin and leaves it soft. This stuff smells strongly of coffee with a hint of coconut. While it does do its job to make my skin soft I wouldn’t purchase this one again since I don’t care for lotions this thin. If you like something a little lighter then this is perfect for you.

I couldn’t find this one anywhere. They only have the body scrub of this.  That goes for $10 if you are interested. However, I’m a little dishearted that this is something that is nowhere to be for sale.


Overall I’m pretty pleased with this months’ bag. I definitely like the new updated card. Also, I got some products that I have never tried or even heard of. I am super stoked about this brush and will use it forever. Hopefully, Ipsy will keep this up and continue to send me good stuff.

Do you guys get Ipsy? What did you get? I wanna know.

If you don’t get one and want to sign up  I have provided a  link below they are $10 a month.

Sign up for Ispy!

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