February Yes Oh Yas!

Hey Hey!

Continuing on with these Subscriptions with this month’s Yes Oh Yas bag!


We are continuing with the Love theme which works especially cause I love love.


Here is the product total for this bag. Which I think they are on to me cause they didn’t include the total for each product like previously. I will come back and compare to see how legit it the suggested total is.

Bang Beauty Lip Crayon in  Dangerous.  This is a brand that sounds familiar to me but I can’t recall that I have tried it.  I am all for lip products. This one isn’t bad it goes on quite easily which most crayons do. So I was able to contour my lips to my liking. It doesn’t leave my lips dry and will last for a good while.  However this shade is awful, I thought it was more of a pinkish red but it’s not even close.  This one looks like an orangey coral pink on me, which I’m not into. It tired it as just a light coat and a fully applied one, both give the same effect. Luckily it’s easy to be mixed which is a  perk.  However, I won’t be buying this one again since the shades are some kind of trickery in the pictures.

This one comes in  2 shades and goes for $18.

Buy the Dangerous Lip Crayon from Bang Beauty.

Kokie Cosmetics Velvet Smooth Eyeliner in 530 Deepest Black. I actually really like this brand based on what I have tired of it. I’m really into some eyeliner recently which is good since ever bag had one. This is a stick eyeliner, you know one of those you have to sharpen which is almost a lost art in a way.  It goes on super smooth and can be used lightly or bold.  It’s easy to blend with the right brush, but once this one has been on a couple of minutes those its harder to blend which is a  perk. An to top it all off this color is intense. I dig this one and would buy it again.

This one comes in 12 shades for  $6  a pop, which is a  fucking steal for a  quality eyeliner.

Buy Kokie Cosmetics Velvet Smooth Eyeliner

Jcat Cosmetics Wholly Addiction Eyeliner in Shimmer Bronze. I have tried some Jcat before with no issues so I was excited to see it in this bag.  This is another stick eyeliner which is apparently made with California Cedarwood, it legit says that on it. Honestly, for some reason, that’s kinda impressive. This one is a shimmery bronze but also has these tiny hints of silver glitter in it. There isn’t so much glitter it’s going to get in your eye or anything just it’s just enough in the formula to get it that little extra. The formula is easy to work with and blend. I really dig this one too. Honestly, I kinda feel like I’m sleeping on  Jcat cause they have a ton of stuff and I’ve yet to try anything bad. I will be investing in them more.

This one comes in  24 shades for $2.99 a pop. Also, I have seen this brand in both Hot Topic and Ulta if you wanna grab it from there instead of ordering.

Buy Wholly Addiction Pro Eyeliner from JCat.


Inmo Brushes. This is another brand I have tried with a good review. I believe it was actually last months bag. I am always down for brushes so I was excited about these. They have lovely gold handles that are made to where they have like little places to grip within the designs. The bristles are soft and hold product really well. Since there are 3 of them I’m going to tell you what each of them is for and how I used them.


Concealer Brush. I have used it exactly for concealer and it’s wonderful. It’s small enough to get into those areas you may miss. Also, you can use it to blend in said areas.


Crease Brush. This one is great to get that perfect crease. I am someone who loses the crease while applying eyeshadow and this made it easy to go back in a fix it without messing up my lid.


Angle Brush. I adore a good angle brush so they I can get in those places to make sure I get the eye look I want.  This one is great.

They don’t sell these separately only in a set.  The set is $45  it has 12 brush which divides out to about $3.75 a brush. So for a  price, I’m going to give it  $11.25.

Buy The Essentials Brush set from Inmo.

Beauty Creations Emerald Eyeshadow Palette.  I have tired of this brand before with no issues, so I was pleased when it was in the bag. The design of it all is very Gucci slides. Google them and tell me I’m wrong.


The Palette keeps that same theme on the inside with the full mirror on the top and the shades on the bottom.


All the shades in this one are on the warm side which I’m going to break down by row. Remember I’m super pale so color may appear differently on me. Also, these don’t have names so just descriptions.


Pearlesque white shimmer

Beige Matte

Light Gold Shimmer

Creamy shimmery Bronze

Reddish Brown Matte.



Army Green shimmer with hints of gold.

Maroon shimmer with hints of pink and silver glitter.

Coral Matte

Army Green Matte

Light Brown Matte


Orange Matte

Deep Forest Green Matte

Mustard Yellow Matte

Brown Matte

Black Matte

This palette isn’t bad. I wish some of the shade were more intense and buildable. The shimmers are all really creamy but some of the mattes just aren’t where they should be. If you are looking for a light look then it’s perfect. I found myself having to go back in and add to the mattes.  The shades are all really blendable which is a plus. However, there was a lot of fall outs from them off the brushes.  While I like the idea of the palette  I don’t care much for it.  Also when I looked this one up on the site it’s not listed as Emerald it’s listed as Esmeralda. Which honestly is kinda sketchy and makes me think it’s a knock out of their own palette. No clue but it’s weird. I am going to play around with it a little more since I have it and see what else I can create with it.

The Esmeralda one goes for $11.99.

Buy the Esmeralda Palette from Beauty Creations.

I created a little look with one. I used the palette on my eyes with the brushes. I used the  Kokie eyeliner on my top lid and the JCat under my waterline to get a cool bronze glow. Also, the  Bang lipstick which you can tell is just an odd color on me.

This bag wasn’t all bad. I really love the brushes and the eyeliners. I actually was a little burn on this one this month cause I got 2 of them.  I got an email to update my payment due to my card changing, which I did and somehow ended up with  2 of them since their site is a  little tricky. I figured it out though after like  30 mins of going through the same loop.

The estimated total they gave was $93,  I came up with $51. Only cause I am guessing on the brushes. However, they don’t seem like they would be prices double digits so it’s still a  little off.  The did say Estimated so.

This will actually be my last review of this subscription since I did cancel my plan with them. Simply cause I don’t need the full-size products. I know that sounds crazy, hear me out though. I’m completely fine with full-size lipstick but a full palette when I already have so many is a bit much. If it was like skin care or something then yeah, of course, I’m in. I am trying to cut back right now and it’s just not what I need at this time. Plus the products can be a hit and miss sometimes and I don’t have time for it. Especially in full size. Also, their social media team kills me. Even time I post they will comment “We would love to see you get one of ours” or something generic. Even though I have already said, “ummmm I already do.” Like, don’t yall check records of who you have reached out to.   I know it’s something random but it’s kinda of disheartening in a way.

If you are interested in it these are like $18 a  month so you go get your money worth with full size. If you want to give it a  try I have included a link below.

Sign up for Yes Oh Yas!

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