Sephora Squad.

Hello, my Dears,

Yesterday I went and applied to be apart of the Sephora Squad. It’s an influencer program for the brand.

I saw this a couple weeks ago and have not stopped thinking about it. I have opened the application a  couple times but didn’t finish it. I don’t think of myself as an influencer in any way. I just love beauty products and talking about them. Does that make me an influencer?!?! Anyways after some meditation, I applied last night.

The Sephora Squad is designed to celebrate the most authentic and inspiring voices in the digital beauty space. I like to think that my no sugar coating ways fall into this category.

After submitting, they gave me the Instagram frame above that I have been posted basically everywhere with excitement. That was super easy.

The other thing they gave was a  link for testimonials. This isn’t something required, but it can help my application.  If you enjoy my blog and want to write up a short one,  Awesome. I would really appreciate it.  If not that’s cool too. I just figure it never hurts to ask or put it out there.

Give me a Testimonial.

If you are interested in applying, all applications have to be in by March 6th.

Apply for the #SephoraSquad




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