Fall Walmart Beauty Box

Well Hello!

So I have been taking my damn time on reviewing this thing. This is the Walmart Fall Beauty Box.  Honestly, I have tried to finish up this post for a  while now but for some reason, it won’t load up for me. I had to open it in a completely different browser. I was going to post it forever ago and didn’t. I decided before I do the  Winter one I better do this one and get it the hell out of my drafts.


The box is this tie dye fade, which actually works since it reminds me of fall.

thumbnail_IMG_7386Pantene Pro-V Foam Conditioner. I got this one in the Summer box. So I’m not gonna lie I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong Pantene is pretty popular and their products are always of good quality. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience with them.  This one is a Foam Conditioner, which I have never heard of so it was an experience for me. It’s in this tiny can you gotta shake before using as with any canned product. This one comes out like Mousse but it goes on less sticky. I had to use a handful of it since my hair is so long.  It did leave my hair feeling conditioned. I honestly don’t care for it. I think it may work better to use on shorter hair so you don’t have to use the whole can. I really dig the idea but I  use too much conditioner for this to work for me.

This one is $5.97 for a  6 oz can.

Buy Pantene Pro-V Foam Conditioner


Kleenex Wet Wipes. This is another product I got in this box. Except this is a single wipe instead of a pack. I honestly didn’t know these where a thing but they are a freaking game changer. Kleenex is, of course, the dominant brand of tissues especially when you have a cold. Even then they still will leave you a  little Raw and red nosed. These are the future. They are like a  baby wipe without the smell. It’s all the goodness of tissue just in a wipe and they are designed for your face and hands. I’m really into these and will be investing in some for the upcoming cold season.

These are sold in packs of 8, 24, and  56. The price varies from 99 cents to $12.96 depending on where you are purchasing it from. They are mostly found in the store and smaller backs can’t be shipped right now.

Buy Kleenex Wet Wipes


Biore Charcoal Cleansing Micellar Water. I’m a big fan of Biore. I have tired their products over the years without any issues. I feel like they are the one brand we all try since it’s so accessible and they have a lot of different products. This one is a Charcoal Cleansing water. I have been using it after showers and when I wake up in the morning to get the sleep off my face. You only have to use a couple drops on a  round cotton swap to rub on your face.  It does leave your face feeling cleansed and soft. Some cleansing waters have left me dried out so this one was nice. I would definitely buy this one again.

This one is $.647 for 10oz bottle.

Buy Biore Cleansing Micellar Water.


La Bella Avocado Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Max Hold Styling Gel. Let me first start by saying I’m not a  fan of Avocados in general. I just don’t care for them, which appalls my wife who loves them.  I tried the shampoo first it wasn’t bad, it lathers up pretty well and rinsed out with ease. I didn’t really feel any difference in my hair. It was a little softer but nothing too memorable.  I tried the gel last night which honestly I had forgotten about since I don’t really care for  Gels either. I braid my hair and then applied it to the braids. I woke up this morning with contained braids which never happens, they are usually always falling apart.  I undid it to make a stunning soft wave to my hair.  I don’t care for the smell of it which may be the avocado but it’s a  pretty good gel if you are into them. I won’t be buying them again since it’s not something I am into.

The shampoo is $2.64 for 1 22 oz bottle and  $5.12 for 2, which is a pretty great price.

Buy La Bella Smoothing Shampoo

The  Gel is $1.86 for 22 oz bottle and $7 if you get 4 of them.

Buy La Bella Max Hold Styling Gel.


Nivea Aloe Vera Body Lotion. This brand is always a  good quality lotion. It’s not one that I buy but I have come across it a couple times in passing. This one is a super thin formula, like to the point I used too much.  It is almost a  little slimy when you use too much of it so. I used it on my arms and hands which felt really strange at first until it soaked in. My hands were super soft and almost hand a greasy feel to them in a way.  It’s not a bad greasy feeling more like a moisture kind of thing. I don’t care for it and wouldn’t buy this one again.

This one is  $5.48 for a 16.9 oz bottle.

Buy NIVEA Aloe Body Lotion.


SooAE My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch.  I am new to lip masks.  I see them all the time but haven’t really wanted to use them. I guess cause I can’t shut up long enough to properly do them. This one wasn’t super slimy when you put it on but it did feel like it was going to fall off every sec I had it on.  About 5mins in my lips started to tingle and feel slightly numb. It wasn’t overly a bad feeling.  I think part of it was cause I was trying to not move my lips and it amplified it. I kept it on for  15 mins, took it off then patted the remaining product into my lips a little.  I let the rest soak in for a few mins but I didn’t see any difference really.  I don’t care for lip masks, they feel like torture devices on me so I probably won’t be buying this again.

These masks are $2.50 for 1 and a  2 pack for $4.99.

Buy Soo Ae My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch


Freeman Water Gel Mask. I haven’t used this one before. It’s an orange-tinted gel that comes out pretty thick. I didn’t have to use a lot of it to cover my face and I actually got more than one use out it. Which is great since it says to use to twice a  week.  I left this one on for  10 mins. It’s not a  heavy mask and it didn’t make my face feel weird like some do.  I took a  wet warm washcloth and wiped it off. It left my face soft, not dried out, but it did leave my face a little warm the  1st time. It’s a simple one but I don’t think I would buy it again since it’s not really one I usually go for.

These are about $1 at your local store. I would post a  link but currently, only the full bottle is sold by Walmart’s marketplace and Y’all don’t want know of that. Trust me.


Maybelline Master Precise All-day Eyeliner. I really appreciate a  good eyeliner and this one is lovely. It goes on with ease and the pointed tip on it is perfect to get that nice crisp wing. This one is also hard to smudge which was an added perk. It’s really an all-day liner and doesn’t fade over time like some do.  I really like this one and I’m bummed cause I have lost it somewhere. It’s simple and I will buy a  new one.

These are  $6.94 and come in  3 colors that I know of.

Buy Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner

All of these items can, of course, be purchased from your local Walmart or Walmart.com hence why they come in a Walmart Beauty Box. If you order over $35 worth of stuff you get free 2 Day Shipping. Please keep in mind that shipping can change and be delayed a day depending on what time you order it.

For this entire box, you pay $5, that’s it. Even if you get something terrible that you hate or won’t use. It’s  $5 so it’s not a complete an utter loss compared to blow $50 on one product that is complete shit.  This one is seasonal so it’s  $20 a year for random products to try. If you are interested in trying I have included a  link below.

Sign up for a Walmart Beauty Box.

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