Dia & Co Box 2

Hello, my  dears,

I got another Dia and Co box, mainly cause I forgot to cancel the next box.  I got the email saying hey we are sending you the new one and just went with it. I got charged a $20 styling fee this time.

So here we go.


The stuff comes in this box with their logo and purple tape on the side. I realized last time that I didn’t include this.


When you open it up you see the inside of the box is this lovely light lavender. On top, you have your little packet for this box.  Underneath that you see the return bag they include in every box.


Here is there personal little half envelope.


Here is a  letter from your stylist. I have Tina Rose who is apparently the best based on what their chat support rep told me.


Here is your itemized list of items in the box and prices. At the bottom, it gives you the checkout and rating process.

Merchandise Total $232.00. The $20 style fee goes towards anything you keep. If you keep it all you get a 25% discount which would be a  total of $154.00

They tell you that you only get 5 days to try things, but if you call or do a chat with them they can extend it another week. Which works perfectly if you are a disaster like I am sometimes.

Now let’s get into what I got and how I felt about it.

Meera Lane Jackie V-Neck Lattice Shoulder Tee in Burgundy for $29 in a 2x.

This is actually a dark color I don’t know why it photographed as a red. I like the style of it. The shoulders had this cut-out cage look. The shirt was super thin and kind of clung to me in an unflattering way.  Don’t get me wrong I like my shirts to be form-fitting and I love light soft material. This one was too thin and it ruined it for me.  You could see every line of my body which is good in some cases but not when you are self-conscious. I almost kept this one but I just didn’t feel happy in it.

Gilli Ashlee Knit Dress in Black for $59 in a 2x. 

This one photographed as brown. The fabric on this one was a little heavy but not so much that it was awful. The top of it I didn’t care for cause it automatically wants to show more tit than I need to.  I was able to adjust it to not show as much. The dress fit perfectly and I really liked it. However, I have one pretty similar to this one that I paid 3 times as less for. I really don’t need another one.

Gilli Aubree Empire Waist Top in  Navy/Red for $49 in a 2x.

I didn’t like this from the moment I took it out of the box. The fabric is that heavy silky material. I put it on and it was ok until I lifted my arms. The shirt atomically rides up on you and stays. There is elastic under the boobs to give it that flowy look and feel. Well, that elastic sucks and makes the shirt worst. Also, the pattern made me look bigger than I actually am. I like the idea of the shirt but the bottom should be longer to take into consideration that it rides up. This shirt isn’t a good look for us big girls.

Molly & Isadora Leroy Skinny Jeans in a Dark Wash for $65 in a Size 20.

I was worried that these would be a little too big in the thigh area by looking at them. I was surprised they actually fit really well. They fit well in every department and weren’t super short on me.  I actually almost kept them but I honestly can’t justify spending $65 on a  pair of jeans.  It’s sad cause I can never find pants to fit me. Call me stupid but I just couldn’t do it.

Bella Fringe Necklace $30

I really dig this necklace. I have actually been looking for a long one and this one is perfect. It hangs down to the middle of my stomach. The set up of it with the little crystals and the tassel at the end works really well together. I actually kept this one. I  already had the $20 from the style credit so this was just another $10. I was already out the  $20 and didn’t want it to be a total loss.

I did like this box more than the last one. The items were way better and were more my size. Even though I did care for a couple of them it wasn’t as bad so I will give it that. I am bummed that the prices are so crazy. I am weird when it comes to clothes cause my weight it a mess recently where I have been sick.  Plus I work from home so my normal daily attire consists of leggings and a band/wrestling t-shirt. Honestly, I really don’t need clothes to a certain point. These boxes were a  fun experiment but I did permanently snooze it cause I honestly don’t want to fool with it anymore.  I may try a different one at some point but It probably won’t be for a while. It’s just not where my mindset is right not and it’s exhausting. I’m going to focus on different things right now.

If you are interested in signing up for one I have included a link below.  Remember there is a $20 styling fee.

Try Dia & Co.

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