Serious Lip Balm


I have been eyeing this brand for months since it popped up on my Instagram feed. Seriously I have looked at their site several times but could never decide want I wanted. They recently just did a collaboration with my go-to glitter brand Dear Katie Brown. I knew I wanted to get the limited edition one so I placed an order.  Instead of breaking it down into tiny posts I decided to review the entire order in one post.

Actually, these are my products of the week.

The first thing I pulled out of the package was their business card, which I always appreciate when companies take the time to include them.


I didn’t order this one. They tossed in this Serious Lotion Smidge with the order. Which I was super excited about cause I did have someone recommend I purchase some of their lotions. First off I really dig this simple container and packaging. They give you the ingredients right on the front of it and it’s nothing you can’t understand or have to google.  The love and care they put into that little sticker show you they give a damn about their products.

The actual lotion in this round bar, which I  smashed down so it was easier for me to use.  It smells amazing with a slight hint of vanilla that’s just enough to make you feel warm inside. The formula is a little greasy but not in a bad way. In a nourishing way and  I really like it.  I have been using this stuff on my cuticles and my elbows, actually any place that I need a little kick of moisturizing goodness. It soaks in almost instantly and leaves your skin so soft. On top of all that it doesn’t make you feel like you have put on peanut butter on your arm. I dig it and will be purchasing some more of their lotions.

These are $3.50  for this 0.5oz size but they have a bigger one.

Buy Serious Lotion Smidge.


If you have never heard of Dear Katie Brown go give them a google, they are a seriously good and glitter filled time.  They were another brand I discovered on Instagram. I actually reviewed one of their glitter sets last year.  I highly recommend them if you are a fan of good quality glitter.

This set features 2 of the glitter-infused balms in a burlap bag. As they do with their own product you get the simple layout with the logo on the front and the ingredients on the back. This one says it’s scented and not flavored, which if you look at their products they have some balms that sound good enough to eat.  These balms have a sweet smell to them which the description says is a tropical milkshake. The formula goes on easy and you don’t feel the glitter in it which is wonderful since some that do seem to dry out your lips. You also don’t have to use a ton of it to get the full effect. I only have to do a swipe on my bottom lip to rub my lips together and they are perfectly coated. Also, the glitter gives you this nice shine that makes it appear like a gloss without that sticky feeling. After it wears off you are left with super soft lips. I dig this collaboration and may have to grab another set before they sell out.

The set of 2 is $9 and they currently have many in stock.

Buy the Limited Edition Dear Katie Brown glitter balms.



I decided to get one of their other products to try since I was already purchasing the Glitter Balms. I decided to go with one of their bundles and this one caught my eye.  It includes a lip scrub and lip balm.  Plus I dig the bathtub name card they included, it really brings it all together.

This little card was included in the pack just giving you a  little bio of what the creator of Serious Lip Balm is all about.


I never really use a lip scrub, it’s not cause I’m not interested in just that I never think of them. I am always using lip balms so I just don’t think I need to use them. This one is lovely. You don’t have to use a bunch to get that full scrubby goodness. Also, it tastes really good when you accidentally eat some of it.  After using it your lips are soft and strangely moisturized, which I have never had a scrub do before. I really like it and I would buy it again.

If you want to get just the scrub it’s $5.50.

Buy Serious Lip Scrub.


The main reason I even clicked on this bundle was because of this rainbow balm. When I saw it was Frosted Cupcake that sealed the deal for me. I will literally buy anything cupcake scented or flavored, it’s my absolute favorite. This one did not disappoint. It smells incredible and goes on with ease. You only have to do one swipe to get the full effect, which seems like a  theme with their balms. I really love it and will be buying more of them.

This bundle is $8.

Buy the Dirty B*tch Bundle.

I really like Serious Lip Balm as a  whole, everything I have seen from them they are really genuine and care about what they put into their products.  It’s almost rare to see but the girls are the real deal and I love it. They have a ton of cool lip balm bundles with appropriately named products. I am thinking of getting my wife the breakfast one based on the biscuits and gravy alone. You can also customize your bundle if you don’t want one of the ones they have ready made. They also have skin care and even a couple of products for your pets. I plan on buying one of their lip balm bundles and some of their whipped lotion soon.

Seriously go check this brand out, follow them on  Instagram, and like them on facebook. These girls are a really good time.

Check out Serious Lip Balm.

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