Glow Kitchen Kit – Becca x Chrissy Teigen

Hiya! I’m on a  new mission to go through everything I have purchased and not reviewed. I haven’t really bought a  whole bunch of stuff lately for the fact that I have so much that just has not been used.

This collection for example. I bought it at the end of the year during a Sephora Sale. Mainly I got it cause I adore Chrissy Teigen. Also that I haven’t really tried much of Becca, aside from thing I have gotten in Play boxes.


The packaging is this lovely gold that opens up like a  book. The actual container is actually the size of a book.


When you open it up you see the gold background and the 3 products contained there. At the bottom, there is actually a  recipe that comes with this set.



It’s easy to pull out from underneath the products. This is a Recipe for Becca Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, which I have yet to make and I’m upset with myself for it.


Here are the  3 products laid out. Next, I am going to break them down separately.


Confectionary Glow Powder Loose Highlighter in Cinnamon Sugar. This stuff is in this perfectly symmetrical square jar.  Actually, the square is clear plexiglass but the lid has a round gold lid within it top and then the golden power in the bottom that makes the whole thing appear gold.


When you open it up you see the loose powder, which is super silky.  The powder is easy to use since it’s so light. You really only need a  little of it to get the full effect of the shine. It is a slightly buildable formula so that you can layer on the highlight depending on how much you want. This shade is light gold with tons of gold glitter mixed into it. It’s really quite stunning and I have been using it as a highlighter and eyeshadow. Also, it does smell faintly of Cinnamon Sugar.


Glow  Souffle Eye Shadow & Highlight duo in  Cinnamon Churro.  This one is a  2 in  1. Which I’m gonna break down both parts for you.


Let’s start with the top, which is a pressed chocolate eyeshadow packed with silver glitter. When it goes on it’s this rich brown with almost pink tones to it. Honestly, it looks like rose gold when applied. The powder itself is a  creamy buildable formula that is just stunning. I have used it as a crease and to just cover my whole lid, it works perfectly either way.  Even though this is an eyeshadow it can be used as a contour since it can be used so lightly. This one doesn’t have a smell to it at all like the other ones, that’s the only downside to it.


The bottom part, you have to screw the eyeshadow off of it to get to. This stuff is a strange gel whip that’s really creamy. When you use it I suggest mixing it up some cause sometimes the oil in it separates and causes a thin layer on the top.  You can use a little of this or get a chunk of the gel and apply it. Either way, it packs an intense punch of gold glimmer and glitter at the same time.  This one also smells strongly of Cinnamon, but it smells amazing. If you don’t like Cinnamon then I don’t suggest this for you.


Here they are on my pale skin. The eyeshadow is on the top and the gel highlighter on the bottom.  Both are stunning on and I really adore both of them.


Lip Souffle in Red Velvet. This is a  super creamy liquid matte lipstick. It goes on perfectly smooth and smells slightly of cake. I really like the shade which is a nude on me being only a couple shades darker than my actual lips. The only downside to this one is that it functions more like a normal lipstick and wears off in under an hour. Well, at least it did for me. It did leave my lips super soft though which is a perk. If you need something quick to put on for a short time then this is great for it, just not if you are looking for long wear.  The swatch of this is the bottom one in the picture. I decided to include it along with the rest of the kit so you can see how well they all go together palette color wise.

Here is a  look I created using all the products in this set. I used the eyeshadow and gel highlight combined with the loose pigment on my eyes. I used the loose highlighter to highlight and then, of course, finished it with the lipstick.

I really like this set and I’m glad I was able to snatch it up. The products are amazing and super easy to use. Also, they smell amazing.  This set is still on sale for $29. which it was originally $44. Go grab one before they are all gone. Also, link at the bottom.

Buy Glow Kitchen Kit – Becca x Chrissy Teigen

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