Becca X Chrissy Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit


Finishing out this week of the Becca X Chrissy sets with my favorite one that I’m currently obsessed and using to death right now.

This set keeps the same gold theme to it as the other one.


This one is just the 4  lip glosses that are really hard to pop out of this display here.


There is another pullout recipe. This one is for Becca Boozy buns. I also haven’t made these. I’m awful really.  If I do make them I will do a  post about them.

Here are the plexiglass glosses outside the gold package next to them swatched on my super pale arm. I’m going to break them down separately next.

Creme Brulee- this is a  super light pink that is basically a  clear gloss full of gold, silver, and pink glitter. Honestly, this one may be my favorite.

Sugar Plum-  in the tube it looks like a  reddish brown but when applied it goes on like a  reddish pink. It’s full of pink and purple glitter.

Candy Cane- bright red gloss with some pink hues to it. This is the only one without any glitter in it.

Cinnamon Bun– a golden gloss that goes on more like a  bronze full of pink and gold glitter.

I really love these glosses, which is weird for me since I’m not a  gloss person. These aren’t sticky and don’t dry out your lips once they wear off. Also the ones with glitter you can’t feel it, which is a  flaw to some glitter glosses. I have been wearing all of them in a rotation, which the exception of the Candy Cane since it’s true color and I can’t just throw it on without looking.  To top it off these all smell incredible, to the point you want to eat them. However, I don’t recommend doing that. I will be investing in some more of Chrissy Glosses with Becca.

This set is on sale for $19 and not the regular price of $29. The link below as always.

Buy Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit – Becca x Chrissy Teigen

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