Women’s History Month


So I  started this post on  International Women’s Day and it hit me why do we need to just celebrate it on one day of the year. We should celebrate Women any day we want and time. Whether it’s the end of the month, the middle of the year, or at 3 o clock in the morning.  Literally, any time you want to celebrate the women in your life, simply just cause you can.


I stole this picture from a New York Times Article that I  came across on International Women’s Day. I dig the picture but the article itself is worth a read and really legit to some shit. Which is why I decided to not post this that day.

Happy International Women’s Day! Have a Sticker

I do want to take a moment to Thank these incredible Queens and the even more incredible ones that I have come before them.  If it were not for the strong women who came before me who found their voice and used it to fight for our rights then I wouldn’t be the women I am today. I sure as hell wouldn’t have a  blog where I can write whatever the fuck I want.  It’s something that’s easy to forget when this day and age we have so many ways to use our voice that at one point it was frowned upon. Hell in some places in the world it still is. I am forever grateful for these women and hope they will forever inspire the women today and more importantly the ones of the future.

“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” -Gloria Steinem

We as a collective whole are in this together even if you don’t believe we are. We have to continue the good fight for yourself even if we disagree along the way.


Seriously we don’t need one day out of the year to praise the incredible women in our lives.

Remember at the end of the day.





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