The past few months I have been looking to upgrade my razor game. I have been using a cheapo bullshit razor for years and honestly, they have just been cutting me all up. So while listening to a couple of the podcasts that I listen to I have heard this one come up a couple time and decided to take a  chance on it.


It came in this plan box with their logo on it.


When you open it up you see the bag, but the lid of it perfectly sums up the mission statement for the brand and I dig it.


You get this convenient clean carrying case to keep all this stuff in.

You get a 1oz can of their foaming shave gel. It comes out like shaving foam and not really a gel but you actually only need a little bit to cover a larger area. When I 1st used it I use way too much thinking that I would need to and ended up wiping excess on the shower wall to not waste it. I was able to make a palm full to get both legs and both arms. Which is a lot so I’m impressed.

This lotion is super creamy it’s almost like a fluff of some kind, it’s strange.  However, I dig it. I applied this after shaving and was left with extra smooth legs.  It’s nice to have but you don’t need it to follow up since I have used my normal lotion as well with no issues.

Here is the white matte box the razor comes in.  Also, the description of the razor is honestly spot on.

This razor is super sleek. The Razor head of it is wide enough to make sure you don’t miss anything. The handle is a dream to hold with the little cushion it adds and also the grip on the underneath of it.  The neck of it is flexible so that it doesn’t fight against you as you use it. I have used this a  couple time and it’s really perfect to get those spaces that you have to maneuver to get into without cutting yourself. Honestly, the one issues I have had with it is that when I go to fast I feel like I’m cutting myself but I’m not it’s like a razor burn but then there is no razor burn I can find afterward. It’s weird but I dig it. I have used a shit razor for so long that this is really just a treat for me.


You get an extra Razor head. I have had mine for about 2 weeks so I’m not sure how often you should change it but mine is still going strong and not clodded up anything.

You also get this little clear round holder for the shower. This is the only shower holder I have had that doesn’t fall off a day after hanging it. Which is a huge plus. It’s super easy to put the razor in it and it fits snuggly in there.

I really love this razor it’s simple and it does the job perfectly.   I  purchased the purely on the fact that I had heard it advertised as a sponsor on some podcast for the past few months. I actually used the promo code from Regular Girls, which was Regular at checkout so you get this whole set for $16. Honestly, that’s a steal since most good razors are about that much alone without any extras. The reviews of this were all good, I didn’t find anything bad or sketchy when I was looking into it.  When I placed my order I waited a couple weeks and never received anything so I checked my bank account and wasn’t charged for it so I had to email them. They got back to me in 48 hrs and looked stating my order was canceled for some reason and actually sent me this one out free of charge. I got it via FedEx in like 3 days. All in all the experience was really pleased with everything.  I would totally buy another razor or products from this brand.

You can get all of this stuff from Target or the Flamingo website. I have links to both below. The Price runs the same with both. This is really a good quality razor that’s not crazy expensive.  The Razor currently comes in  3 colors.

Buy Flamingo from Target.

Shop Flamingo.

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