Foot Mask


This post has been a long time coming. I first got these last year and gave it a  try and loved it. Then I lost them, then found it, then lost them again.  I refound it and decided to try it again so that I could do a proper review and get it out of the way.

I actually decided to try these after seeing one of the Fit Babes I follow on Instagram try then recommend them.

These are honestly just a generic foot mask that I found on Amazon, all of the items that pull up when you look up foot mask are similar to this.

Each box contains 2 sets of these foot masks. When you open the packet there are these dry plastic booties in there. You have to cut the top of them to make the opening to insert your foot in. There is also a little sticker tab to tape them around your feet.  I couldn’t get it to stay with either of them. However, the instructions say you can put socks over these. I opted out of that since I just didn’t feel like it.

Here are my feet before. I only have 2 feet. I decided to include the up close one as a before reference. I didn’t want anyone to panic or get confused or something.


Here are the masks on. You have to leave them on for an hour. I put mine on right before I had to be in an hour-long meeting so that I knew I wouldn’t or couldn’t get up and walk around in them. Honestly, they are awful to walk in cause if you don’t walk super slow you will slip around and fall.  Once the hour is up you take them off then wash the mask off and dry.  The packaging also advising soaking your feet in warm water the next day for 10 mins.  However, when you shower it has the same effect.

This was 2 days after. The mask is designed to start the process of like a chemical peel, so the dead skin falling off of your feet. The process can take 5-7 days. It is super gross and your feet will feel as such. The issue I had was when I went to bed and the feeling of my feet against the sheets which was awful due to the dead skin. The instruction specifically tells you to not force the process by trying to remove the dead skin with pumice or anything. It can apparently cause more harm than good so I just let it work itself out.


This is the end result 9 days after. The bulk of the dead skin will fall off after the first 3 days. Once you get past that point it’s not all that bad. These mask actually are that bad. I was worried it would be awful and I will hate it. However, both time I’ve done them it’s easy and gives you an excuse to sit down or kick your feet up and relax.  The urge to pumice your feet is strong. That’s really the only big issues I had since I love having soft skin.

I highly recommend these. I am going to start doing them every couple of months just to make sure my feet stay perfectly soft. Since they are all kind of the same I’m only including the Amazon search page for them all. They range from  $9 to  $20 depending on how much you want to spend on 2 masks.

Buy Foot Masks on Amazon.


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