Beauty Bakerie

Well Hi There,

I have been sitting on reviewing this since I got it right before Christmas. I discovered  Beauty Bakeries after watching a video of Jeffree Starr dragging makeup brands popped up on my facebook timeline.   This one is apparently the original bakery themed setting powders that  Huda Beauty stole their idea from. I have no clue if that is legit or not, but it’s a thing on the internet. I’m a big fan of Huda Beauty and have several products so no shade from me here.  I did make this purchase since it was more in my budget and the reviews on it were amazing.

I got several products from them in 2 orders and decided since they go together I’m just going to do a mass review of them all as a whole.

Let me start here with this packaging that it comes in. This box is adorable on the inside with the full theme of puff bakery. I’m was super pleased with it. I do kind of wish the outside of the box matches since it’s just a plain white box.  It does make for a  nice surprise though.

Wake and Bake Hydrating Face Oil. This oil is actually really light I only used 2 drops of it and it was almost a little too much. A little does go along the way which is always a  plus for me. It is easy to apply without sticky or weighing your face down. I put it on about an hour before the rest of my makeup just so I could let it soak in and prime my face. It does make for a great base and is easy to work with and mix with the makeup if you need to.  I have used it alone or with makeup and it’s lovely either way. Also, it smells strongly of lemon which isn’t really that bad if you like the scent. Which I ordered this recently in the 2nd order I placed with them.  I only ordered it since the foundation suggested to use it along with it and the concealer. I will explain why when I review those.

This stuff is $28 for a 0.3oz bottle.

Buy Wake & Bake Hydrating Face Oil.

Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation. This package is super cute. I really love how they have it set up like a box of cake mix with the ingredients and instructions on the back of it. Also, it did make me panic since I didn’t get the face oil the 1st round since it was a prep ingredient. The setup threw me honestly cause mentally it’s like a cake it needs the ingredients.

More cake box theme goodness that was just to perfect to not include. Cause if you are going to do a  cake theme you have to go all out or it’s for nothing.

The front is really just a flap you open to see this. I really do like the mirror then the foundation display.

The foundation it’self is in this frosted bottle.

The foundation is pretty good. It goes on creamy,  is easy to work with and doesn’t clash with my other products. It does get a little greasy after a long while but it’s not so much that it’s awful and that happens with products sometimes. It definitely works better with the face oil.  I have even mixed some of the oil in it to get a lighter formula. It does dry fairly quickly so you have to blender it in immediately or it does make for harsher lines and will cake.


This is Shade # 41. They have a shade guide on the website that I followed based on the  Fenty Foundation that I have. The shade is actually a little too dark on me just a shade tho so it’s not that bad. The shade is listed as a lighter shade on the site even though it looks super dark in person. However, you can tell that it’s a shade darker than the rest of my body. The example above of the difference. I didn’t think it was that noticeable till I got the car and notice it was pretty bad.  I have been mixing it with a liquid highlighter and a  lighter foundation which works to even it out as a contour effect. However, I probably won’t be buying this again.

This is $28 and it comes in  39 shades.

Buy Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation.


This packaging is also pretty cute.


I wanted to include the tips as well.

This tube itself is simple which I really dig. This shade is Don’t Give A Frappe, which is closer to my shade.

This concealer is awful. There is literally no way around it. This stuff is the worst I have ever encountered.  I tried not to hate anything but I really hate this. It doesn’t blend the way normal concealer does and it cakes up. It provides no real coverage even if I apply multiple layers.  Which you can see in the first 2 pictures. Also, it cakes up on my blender as you can see in the 3rd picture. I ordered the face oil for the reason that I thought maybe that’s what I’m missing. I have mixed it with the oil and it’s not any better. This stuff dries to fast to blend in properly. I have put it on a  bare face and over concealer and it’s the same. I just can’t get it to work for me and I’m bummed about it. I had a lot of hope for it and it just doesn’t work. If it works for you awesome. Please let me know I would love to know how.

This is $24 and comes in  8 shades.

Buy Cake Face Concealer.

Flour Setting Powder. Seriously this brand’s packaging is on point.  I loved this little flour sack. When you open it the setting powder container is just nestled at the bottom of the bag.

The setting powder is another simple design. There isn’t a lot of fuss to it which works perfectly.  I actually have 2 of these. I ordered this Pink first and loved it so much I  ordered another one in Translucent. I am only pictured on since it’s really quite dumb to do both when they look exactly the same just a different powder shade.

When you open it there is the little turn thing to lock it so the powder doesn’t spill out if the lid cracks or something crazy. This is the pink just on my hand so you can kind of see it. It doesn’t read well it pictures on my face since it’s almost my skin shade in a way.

Here is the Translucent on since it was super light and you can actually see it. The right is after baking and finishing my makeup so you can see how well it works.

I really love the setting powder. I have been trying to find one that works best for me for like a  year now. I have been considering buying the Huda Cake one but when I heard these are similar and cheaper I decided on them.  I really love these and will be buying them again.

These are $24 and come in 4  shades.

Buy Flour Setting Powder.

So I’m still unsure about this brand since it’s a  hit and miss for me. I won’t be buying the foundation or concealer since it just doesn’t work for me.  I may try an eyeshadow palette or a  lipstick. However, for right now I’m going to put it on the back burner.

Has anyone else tried this brand? Do you have different feedback? I would love to hear it.

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