Fenty’s Two Lil Mattemoiselles


I’m the worst, really I am.  I got this set around Christmas as a little present to myself. Mainly cause I really wanted one of the shades in the set and I lost it then found it again then lost it and so on. I really need to get my shit together and organize more.

Anyways let’s get to this lovely little set.


This was a Christmas set designed to look like an ornament that you can hang on the tree. Which brands with Sephora do this every year I guess so you can hang these adorable stock stuffers on the tree which honestly I can’t figure out why I don’t have a makeup tree for this reason. Which Hey Wife who says she reads these, I know what I want this Christmas. I will buy the tree you get the decorations. Deal?

Moving on.

Here is an up close of the bobble. The Front has the mini lipsticks snuggled in the packaging. While the back gives you the shade names and a description of the product.


Here is an up-close look at the front with the lipsticks still in the package. I really love the icy metallic look of it, which really carries through most of the Fenty products. Also, I really adore the mini mirrored lipstick and octagon shape of them.  All of the Matte lipsticks are designed this way which really makes them stand out.


I always swatch lipsticks on my arm before my lips cause they sometimes read differently. Spanked is on top and Griselda on the bottom. I’m going to break them down next.

Griselda- This is the reason I ordered this set cause I wanted this shade. I loved the name and wanted to try it but I was afraid it would read weird on me where it was so dark. It’s actually perfect and I’m obsessed with it. This is deep almost black cherry with a hint of purple that looks lovely against my pale skin.

Spanked– This one is perfectly named like it really looks like the color of your bottom after you have been spanked. I dig it a lot. The shade is this stunning dusty pinkish red that’s the happy medium between the red family and a  nude shade.

I absolutely love these lipsticks. The design of them is really pleasing like I said earlier I love the mirrored octagon, which I feel like is easier to hold due to having those flat sides.  Also, the Fenty Logo on the top of the actual lipstick is so perfect that I almost don’t want to ruin it. As for the applying them both go on as a super creamy matte, they last for hours with very little smudging, they do not dry out your lips, and the color of them both is so rich.  I really can’t say enough good things about these. I do know I will be buying more shades when I can decide on which ones I want.

If you wanna try this set they do have it in a box just not this fun ornament. However, that may return at Christmas.  This set is $19.

Buy Two Lil Mattemoiselles from Sephora.


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