April Sephora Play!


Carrying on with my subscription with my Play! By Sephora box.


This month’s theme is winning beauty.


The fold out is a bingo board which is pretty cute. I was sad that I couldn’t win with this though since I’ve not done enough of these. I need to step up my game in a bad way.

They changed up the bag this month to pink instead of red and I like it more. Plus the Player definition is perfect. I will find a use for this bag.


Sephora Collection Triple Action Cleansing Water. I rather enjoy getting Sephora brand products. They are never bad this one is no different. I really love good cleansing water. This one is light, you only need a little on a cotton pad to wipe around your face. It does leave you cleansed and doesn’t weight down your skin. Also, it doesn’t leave my skin sticky like I have had some do. I like this one and I would buy it again.

Standard 6.76oz size is  $12 and a Value 13.05size is $20, both are currently out of stock but you can request an email for when they come back in.

Buy Triple Action Cleansing Water.



 Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This was the only thing in the box I wasn’t excited about because of it a stable in my house. This is my wife’s go to face lotion. We use it, we love it and it’s wonderful. If you need a simple lotion for your face this stuff is perfect. It doesn’t leave your face greasy or heavy. The only issue I had with this one was that it was slightly open at the top of it so it was leaking a little but it wasn’t so bad I had to email them. I will be buying this again of course. I literally buy it every year.

Mini 0.5oz size is $14.50, Standard Size is 4.02 oz for $28 and a Value size is $39. I usually get a value deal during  Christmas. They have face wash and lotion sets that last my wife months.

Buy Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel



Laura Mercier Foundation Primer-Radiance. I really dig this brand. I have gotten several products in these boxes and they are all amazing. This one is no different. This one is a light moisturizing primer that you only need a pea size amount to cover your face. I have let it sit for a bit before applying my foundation or done it immediately and it works perfectly both ways. My face is primed, soft, and doesn’t make my foundation cake up. It also has a lovely smell to it. I dig this stuff and would buy it again.

Mini 1oz is $22 and Standard 1.7oz for $38.

Buy Foundation Primer- Radiance.



Verb Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. I love hair products and Verb is an amazing brand. I have never gotten a bad product from them. This is maybe the  2nd time I have gotten one of there packs like this. They are one of the few brands whose conditioner in these will cover all my hair so I was excited to try it. The Shampoo lathered up perfectly and washed out with ease. The conditioner coated my hair and was easy to massage in. It smells wonderful and left my hair soft and untangled til I had to wash it again. Plus it smells great. I would totally buy these again.

You can get a duo set of 12oz bottled of these for $28.

Buy Verb Hydrate Duo Kit.



Urban Decay Perversion Mascara in Black. I love the brand and have yet to try anything I didn’t like from them. This stuff glides on with ease and can be layered up without clumping. My lashes do get a little longer with the more layers. However, it will clump if you do apply too much but that’s with any mascara. This one is simple and it does the job without too much fuss. Also, it doesn’t auto smudge when I put it on my bottom lashes which are really my biggest issue sometimes. I like this one and would buy it again.

You can get a mini of this for $12 and full size for $24.

Buy UD Perversion Mascara.


Farmacy Honeymoon Glow. This is another brand that I really dig, especially their face creams and such.  I have been using this after washing my face, toning, and before going to bed. I wake up with a lovely glow.  My face is hydrated and not at all greasy. The formula is super light and I don’t have to use more than 2 pumps of.  This one says that it is the solution for uneven skin tone, dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. It legit is, I dig it and will be buying it again.

This is $58 for a  3oz bottle.

Buy Farmacy Honeymoon Glow.


I’m really happy with this box as a whole. I got amazing products and nothing I’m unhappy with. Really it’s short, sweet, and to the point.

Anyone else gets a Play! Box?! What did you get?! Tell me stuff.

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