April WWE Slam Crate

I’m finishing out this week with my Slam Crate subscription since it finally came.


So this months theme was Own the Room which the box was listed as featuring Ronda Rousey, Mick Foley, The Shield, and Finn Bálor—plus a brand new “Y2J” Chris Jericho Slam Stars figure chosen by the WWE Universe!  When I got the box it didn’t include the foldout with the list of products, the interview, and the poster, which I’m assuming was of Finn Balor.

I googled it to see if I could get an image of one and all the people I found didn’t get one either.

I emailed them and this was the response I got. Which I’m fine without a poster but why advertise this crate as including a Finn Balor item if it doesn’t. I was getting it away it doesn’t both me even though I do love Finn.  However, I have seen some people order these solely on who is featured in the box. It’s just sad for that reason. Plus I like to know what the hell I’m getting cause one of these items no one is sure.

These are Mankind Mr. Socko socks. If you are a wrestling fan then you know and love Mr. Socko. He was a big part of my childhood so I was pretty excited about these. One of these socks is Mr.Socko with the Mankind logo at the top which I like cause I feel like both would have been overkill. The other one just says Have a Nice Day on the top of it. Unlike the last 2  pairs of socks I’ve gotten in these crates, these are actually stretchy enough to be comfortable. These are really genius and fit the theme perfectly since the moment you hear Mick’s music you know it’s gonna be a  good time. I love these and will wear them to death.


This is the item no one can really figure out what it is. I’m assuming its The Shield Keychain. The 3  hound heads are the original logo for the faction.  It has the clip on it which makes it easy to hook on your bag. I don’t suggest a  hoodie zipper since it’s a  little too heavy.  I have put my extra set of keys on it so I can clip it in my purse without losing it. I really like this look keychain which I’m assuming they toss in cause Dean is leaving the company to get one more thing in the box. Also, The Shield does know how to make an entrance coming through the crowd.

A few months ago they had a poll to pick a figure between this Jericho, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan. I would have taken any of them but I voted for Jericho and so did a bunch of other people. This is the Chris Jericho Slam Stars Figure which is designed based off Y2J Chris Jericho and I love it. Jericho has to be one of my all time favorites. I have very vivid memories of this version of Jericho with the half ponytail on top of his head and the goatee. This may be my favorite version of him out of them all.

This may be my favorite figure I have gotten in one of these crates. The hair is perfect and the shirt is covered in rainbow glitter that really adds to the whole look. Also, they gave him a  mic which is perfect since he has to be one of the greatest on the mic in general. Plus if you have been a fan as long as I have them you remember the countdown clock they use to have as part of his entrance which evolved into the light up jackets. Seriously he can make an entrance. I’m glad this is the one included since he has moved on to AEW now and won’t be included in things anymore.

This months pin is the Undisputed Title. Which goes with the theme especially since Chris Jericho was the 1st Undisputed Title when they combine the WWF World Championship and  WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Vengeance in  2001. He was the  1st Undisputed  Champion in  50 years. You can definitely make an entrance when you have 2 belts. Kinda how Becky 2 Belts is right now.

Finally, the shirt this month is Ronda Rousey,  who I guess knows how to make an entrance. Honestly, theme alone is wonderful. This is a  super bright red shirt which I’m not really into. I do like the design of the shirt with the Arm Bar like pub look to it. The  Tag has her name on it which is a nice hidden detail.  I will wear it but probably not a lot since I don’t really look good in red.

I’d rather liked this crate I’m a little bummed about the foldout since I feel like we have been cheated in a  way. I do dig the socks and the figure.  I wish the shirt was black but other than that. Anyone else gets one of these? what did you think about it?

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